She wants a tattoo, Can you help?

If you have read some of my posts you know I really want my wife to cheat on me, especially with a BBC. I have slowly tried to feel out how interested she might be. Last night we were talking after an incredible session of me serving her needs and she shocked me.

She told me she wanted me to do some research and find her some temporary types of tattoos she might be able to wear. After chatting a bit more, she specifically wants a rose and to my shock, a HOTWIFE tattoo on her tit, and a QoS tattoo on her ass.

I got so excited I got hard again. As the tease, she just stroked me off to take care of it. I think she might be working herself towards slutting herself and making me a cuckold. So excited.

Does anyone have any ideas of tattoos? I have seen the notes on here about the already made tattoos you can buy, but she doesn't want cheezy, she want them to look real. Thinking maybe Hena or something like that. Suggestions?