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She needs it bad!

Does she look like a slut?

  • She nothing but a ho!

    Votes: 12 44.4%
  • Let me hit it and I'll tell ya.

    Votes: 15 55.6%

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Real Person
View attachment 4752 Here's another of the wife's phat ass! Would you do it?
I would slide them panties to the side and start to finger her getting as many in as I can. Once she is soaking wet I'll move one finger out and slide it deep in her ass. Fingering both her holes, reaching down and sucking, butting, licking her clit. Tapping it hard and fast.

That's just for starters there would be more!
You need to get a black cock in her as soon as possible bareback only. You will also be the secondary person her life black men will only be her primary met.
The husband should also be responsible for all hospital bills during and after pregnancy. Black men had no obligation to support any white woman financially that is a white man's job.
Great pics of a hot white slut. Love the ass pics and my fav is of her on the couch . . like fucking on a couch and feeling her press against the couch and me. I like the idea of spanking her ass while you watch and stroke and then clean up my messes on both of us. Lets see some more pics of this hot slut.