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She let me watch at least

Well last night I got to watch my wife having fun again. We were at friends place and after dinner and drinks and lots of teasing she was getting very hot. It didn't take her long and as I watched she was soon pressed up against the kitchen counter with her pants gone and her top undone. They were kissing and playing, he'd suck her big tits and finger fuck her pussy. She'd suck his cock and nipples. But when his wife joined in it got real wild. Next thing she was finger fucking her hard and deep and they were going wild. She was either deep throating him or on the counter as he sucked her nipples. Every few minutes she'd moan and cum as he did her good or his wife did something she liked. All I could do was watch as I knew she'd stop everything if I tried to join in and interrupted her pleasure. After an hour of this I think she got tired of me watching or maybe she wanted his big cock fucking her some more in comfor. She led him of to the bedroom and all I could hear was her cries and moans as he pounded that big cock into her. His wife let me get close to the room but stopped me short of where I could watch them and forced me to my knees. I spent the next hour sucking and eating her out, finger fucking her pussy as she cummed all over my clothed body. She could really squirt her female cum as the sounds of my wife filled the house as her husband pounded my sexy redheads pussy. After a while i ended up naked and after his wife had her fill of me eating her she left me to clean the mess on the hall carpet. When i'd finished they were all on the bed naked and resting with my wife in the middle. I kneeled at the foot and started to eat my wife out and was soon eating her cum filled pussy clean as i jacked him off and fingered his wife. He had me suck his cock to get it clean and his wife would squirt her cum as they played as I took care of their needs. I ate his wife out one last time before she left for her own bed. I took my place on the floor beside her bed as he fucked my wife one last time. I watched his big soft cock as he left for his own bed. In the morning she invited me into her bed for my sympathy fuck and I could not control myself as I shot my load way to quick again