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She left him

i have been fucking this married woman for several months now . It first started as just text messaging and phone calls ... During all this time she introduced her wimp ass husband in to watch cuckold porn because all they ever did was masturbate together she never got any dick and after I fucked her the first time... She had her hubby there the second time and he couldn't handle it ... And as of today they filed for divorce because he don't trust her lol... I feel bad actually but she is a wild ass fuck

Melissa and Wayne

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We think it's funny some hubbys want to see there wives f@#ked by BBC then when it happens they freak out. We guess its not for everyone but you would think if the hubby is a little jealous maybe those hubbys should keep it just a fantasy. For us we have made some great friends and for us its just really goooood sex. So you shouldn't feel guilty... Man take her and f@#k her good and hard she will thank you and be walking funny by the weeks end lol :sex::qos:
Couldn't handle seeing a better guy giving her the best fuck she's ever had[/QUOTE
This would be tough for most guys to deal with, even cuck types. It sounds like it wasn't his idea to begin with. Some guys could be groomed to accept things but many will rebel.