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She got what she wanted


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After several phone calls and being very undecided it all came together on the weekend , Ray came to dinner , he is not tall but very stocky and very black ,we chatted about all things but as the evening wore on I could see Ray and Kim getting very close and affectionate I let it happen and was not disappointed nor was she.

While washing up he came behind her and rubbed her shoulders and kissed he neck at first she hesitated but soon fell to his spell , I watched him remove her top and play with her nipples ,her tits swelled and nipples grew long and hard she then turned around unbuttoned his shirt and and pushed her tits into his chest. this is where they stated tongue kissing and she loves that . he picked her up and carried her to the lounge where he removed her clothes and open her legs very wide and dived in with his tongue occasionally moving up to her nipples and mouth ,she was gone .

As I watched my cock got so hard it hurt then he stood up and removed his pants and pulled out a huge cock , her eyes went so wide she looked at me and smilled ,he could not wait nelt down opened her legs and tried to feed this huge cock into her at first she resisted as it was so thick but he persisted and soon she relaxed and let him enter her , I watched the head go in and I have never seen her so stretched ,she was biting her lip and he was going crazy sucking her nipples and biting her neck ans at the same time pushing this cock deeper and deeper until eventually he was balls deep , fuck she was a mess sweat pouring out and grimacing obviously about the size she was taking but did not miss a beat.

He held it there for a while then withdrew then slowly started to fuck her getting faster and faster as she got used to the size , it was awsum watching my wife take and enjoy this black mans huge dick and off coarse the inevitable happened he started to cum and filled her to the brim with so much and as he pulled out it was oozing out all over the place.

They sat back and rested then she asked if he would like to stay and led him to the bedroom ,he fucked her in every position and stayed for two days , she is now looking forward to his return which we hope wont be to long away ,as he was leaving he remarked how nice she was and would look good between two BBC.