She Gets What She Wants


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My wife has always been very good with oral pleasure; by far the very best I have ever had and she loves doing it. She has told me that she wants to suck off her best friend’s boyfriend, who happens to be a big, black guy.
At first I was hurt, but I also feel if she wants it, she deserves it. I have said it would be okay if I could watch. She said she would not want me to watch, so I told her no way then. She said if I was allowed to watch, I would have to agree with whatever happens between them. I thought about it and agreed. A few nights later she brought him home and after some awkward small talk, she undressed him, revealing a huge cock. He sat back while she began to stroke and suck his thick shaft. He was loving it but soon needed more. He had my wife stand and take off her dress and panties and straddle him. I watched as his big dick slide deep inside her pussy and she rode him to orgasm. He then fucked her in the missionary position until he shot his load inside her. I guess I got what I asked for.