She doesn't want bbc


interracial is hot

She isn't racist but she told me she would never consider bbc. Thats why I think it would turn me on so much to see her being used by one.
My ex said she'd never do it because while blacks were ok to be friends with whites and blacks should not mix. Years later she told me she was ruined for white cock. I thought that was so sexy.
Just some comments on this older thread. As a hubby I have been on both sides of this situation. At one time wife would not entertain phycially the idea of doing it but liked fantasy about, on the other hand she has fucked 4 black guys a total of 13 times and all bareback but one, the first.

Now we are not doing it again for many reasons, but the change is always there atleast for myself. I have read allot of suggestions on sites or this forum on how to get them to or convince them. Some are honest and good suggestions, others just flat out stupid or wrong in my opinion.

The only suggestions I can offer is the following in no paticualr order really jusat suggestions you might try to work in.

  1. Some women, just like men will not ever do it. Whether this be for moral, religous, or other personal beliefs. This is something you will just have to deal with or work through and keep the hope alive..
  2. Never setup a suprise chance, this will piss them off. Either it will have to be spur of the moment, right time, or it could go totally wrong.
  3. Interracial porn can help allot, but not overkill with it, mix some white in there and let her see the difference. This will help with the mind thinking about it. Allot of women will not like porn like men, know it and get over it. Have her watch it with you as a marital aid and something you like. Play with her during it, do not enter, just tease and talk a little dirty and mention like I do not think you could handle that, or holy cow, she looks like she is having time of her life. Amatuer porn is the best that is clear and good quality.
  4. Buy a dildo, not one you like, but one you think she will like. A chocolate or realistic one is great. Not super huge at first, but big enough to make a big difference. I suggest the 8inch pleasure skin. Wife says most realistic as hard but soft and big enough. Also when using this dildo do not cram it in there, work it nicely like a real guy would, lube it up or even put a condom over it with lubricant and start out slow. Remember slow and tease till she gets strectched out a little. After using it make sure you show how turned on you are she took it and mention how many times she comes on it to her and be like wish I could do that to you.
  5. During sex, and not all the time, talk dirty. Not downright like your such a slut and need a BBC to fuck you. Make a story or situation. While she is riding or on top mention the video and be like oh my god could you imagine your face and what it would feel like to have one like in the video we watched or the dildo doing this to you for real. Make it a fantasy to aid to the sec you are having and show her how it is turning you on the more she gets turned on and do it slow and make her anticipate and not move while oon top while doing this or doggy, tease her, do not be quick to get your nut. Also make sure to her by saying I think there would be nothing hotter then seeing my hot ass wife doing this for real.
  6. Do not talk about eating creampies, cleaning them up, or cuckolding you. This could turn them off and make them think your not being normal. This takes time and you have to be patient.
  7. Tell them something like ohh my god if something like this ever happened I do not think I could stand it. I would combust knowing you were getting fucked like that. It would be so hard for me not to ravage your body afterwards.
  8. Make the interracial aspect part of sex for her with the talk and dildo, but not over the top or everytime, like I would love to have yo come home filled with cum. Though some women will like this this might be a little too much too soon. Wait till it actually happens and they fuck, then make it part of the ongoing game.
  9. Make sure she knows how much you love her, worship her. Buy her clothes, buy some sexy clothes for bed time or private time. Again use this as part of the others like could you imagine how much it would tease me for you to wear this while you were messing around.
  10. Ask her just to cuckold you without someon else at first. Be like I want to play a sex game I read about or read in a womens magazine. I want you to make me eat you out or worship your body, sit on my face, dance sexy for me, but not get me off. Tell me how if you wanted to you would tease me like one of those bad wives. D not worry if she is not really good at it or shy, this is normal and might not come naturally at first to them Make it a sex game thats between the two of you. After she gets off having you finger her or eat her, do not ask to get off or her to touch you, have her fuck the dildo without you entering her and then her go to bed after she gets off. You can take care of yourself later on.
  11. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT ask her to bring another women into the mix. This will make her think you want her to do it so you can. Assure her at every turn this would be something only for the two of you and you would never ask for the same you are asking for with another woman. Women always believe thier is a alternative motive.
  12. When out if a really good looking black guy, one that you know she would not like, not all gangstered up or anything is pointed out to her. Be like hey that looks like the guy from the video and is checking you out even if not really. Or be like that guy looks like he would love to get ahold of you but is not going to approach you cause I am her. You get the idea. Gentle and playful is word for all this.
  13. Remember if she does, she is for the most part in control of situation. Of course you must have understanding, but remember above all else this is what you wanted. Be truthful if she is going to on your wishes, but make those wishes very easy. Example is ( Please wear condom, I want a text to make sure you are ok or need me to come and get you, I will be close by for you) Again you get the idea. Do not come out and be like I want you to get fucked in the ass and have him cum in your pussy so I can get it out or you can bring it home to me, I want you to RIM him or suck him dry. Let it happen as if she was on date.
  14. If a rule is broken talk about it. Say a condom is a must for you. If she does not be like I understand and hope you will remember next time, but must have been hard when it started or slipped your mind.
  15. Trust each other, and always after do not overload her with questions of like how was he compared to me, etc. Just let it come out during normal sex next time unless she volunters or comes up in innocent way. last this she wants is to be on witness stand. If she is like he talked dirty, just be like ohh yeah, how dirty was it and was it over the top or did you like it. If she did like something incorportate it into the sex play between you. If she luvs a creampie be like I know your pussy loves cum in it, maybe when you want again you can have the black cum again fill you up deep. Again it is all a play on thoughts, memories, etc. She will do the same to you and together you will grow.
  16. If at anytime, either of you want break, or want to stop, STOP, so not push it. Give it some time and see how the reception is.

I can offer allot more, but just trying to be helpful to you all. My wife and I have done most if not all these, and trust me there is times she would not, times she would 3 times in one night with a guy, and then other times where a year goes by. Some of these things I mention are just general knowledge I have gained from other women in the lifestyle I have met or noticed things that go wrong. By all means always have fun and make sure your relationship is solid and the trust is there. This will not fix a problem marriage, but can make it worse in some cases I have seen or can spice up a good marriage with a normal boring married sex life.

Hope this helps you out folks.


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My first wife swore a black man would never touch her, less than a year into our marriage caught her in bed getting screwed by a huge black guy she met at the mall!


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I think the hottest thing that could happen would be to have her blindfolded while hooking up with a black guy and right as he cums inside her, I take off the blindfold
Nice fantasy, but when the blindfold comes off she better be amused or at best you will likely be single and at worst in jail headed for prison. On the plus side if you end up in prison you will have plenty of opportunity to learn submission and discover the joys of anal sex.:bigsmile: