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Shaved or not

View media item 6978I started shaving my cock and balls 30 years ago. Most of the wives I have been involved with, certainly for the last 20 years, have been shaved smooth and bald. Apart from the elegant look it gives to both genders, it photographs so well and shows off a perfect description of the action. Not to mention, can anything equal the first encounter of a shaved cock and a shaved cunt (particularly when the cuck husband has prepped both with his mouth)?


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I'm in charge of caring for my wife's pussy for her boyfriends and bulls. I shave, wax or what ever is needed before dates and as a rule most of them prefer her pussy smooth. Here's some of my wife hairy and not, you decide. If you have any doubts they are the same woman in all the pictures then take note of her birthmark on the inside fold of her left thigh. Sometimes it's easier to see.
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