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Would You Love to Share a Bull's Cock with Your Spouse?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Dsoul

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    Nothing unites a couple together than the spirit of sharing. Nothing sweetens the heart of a cuck hubby than the wish to bath and share in the sexual freewheeling desire of his wife. And no couple desire so much than having a black bull who would allow them the freedom to indulge in their desire of sharing his cock together.

    The wife can choose to become dominating over the hubby, as if her right, or she can choose to have him alongside for whenever she wants to spend time with her man. Most couples who aptly enjoy this are those seeking Long Term Relationships with a bull, or wanting to become submissive under a Black Master.


    How many of you would love to share a bull's cock with your wife/hubby?
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  2. wwwtime

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    Thanks.. I enjoy what you written and agree with it... We are talking with our bull and have shared some pics and some thoughts.. I think moving slow and letting the known desire out will be a date to remember... Thanks