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Discussion in 'Interracial Sex Photos' started by gr8hubby, May 1, 2013.

  1. gr8hubby

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    I thought about this the other day as my kids were watching music videos. Who would you like most to see go black?

    My answer for the moment is Taylor Swift. Can you imagine what her face would look like when that HUGE BBC slid inside of her. MMM

    Here are some pics that help the thought. Yes I know they are "shopped."

    TaylorSwiftNudeToplessNakedOnTheBeach.jpg thumb-2EFE_506434DC.jpg

    Can't you just see her do this as that BBC slides in just as a second one fills that nice wide mouth????

    Who would you like to see, share your pictures...
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  2. Dream Hubby

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    Taylor is a good choice, especially if her first BBC was her first ever. Love to see her broken in like that. But my choice would have to be Portman. After the second Star Wars, I wanted her interogations to be a little dirtier than most. Could imagine all those bad guys trying to force her to talk. MMMMMM

    4369333_natalie_portman_nude.jpg 4369779_natalie_portman_nude.jpg
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  3. littlejohn

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    I would really love to see Taylor Swift filled with black cocks and seed.
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