SHANGO Returns!


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The black man kept on fucking his wife. He turned her over to lie on her face and entered her from behind. Claude watched his wife Jocelyn grab hold of the bed sheets and screamed and moaned as the man pounded her ass. Jocelyn didn’t appear to be fighting the man off her. In fact, Claude saw she was practically enjoying it. She kept yelling at the black man to fuck her harder. Claude couldn’t believe his ears. It sickened him to the core . . . he felt his penis shrink inside his pants.

The black man kept fucking her. Harder. He tensed up minutes later and Jocelyn’s face came up in a mask of hurting pain and she too unleashed a loud cry. Claude knew she had climaxed . . . and the black bastard had just cummed inside her. Inside his wife’s cunt.

The black man pulled out of her. He was a tall giant of a man, all muscle and thickness. His skin glimmered with sweat. He was grunting as only a giant would as he came down from the bed toward Claude. His black cock, huge, swung like a wet pendulum between his legs. Claude couldn’t help but look at his prick. The black man’s prick ripped with his wife’s pussy juice.

Claude felt so weak and tired. He was like a sick puppy. He’d just born witness to the sight of his wife being fucked . . .

To his surprise, a part of him liked it.

The giant black man couched before him. The tip of his prick swung a foot from the ground.

“How’re you doing, white boi. My name is Olu Shango. Master Shango to you. Welcome to my world.”

Shango laughed at his face. Claude knew from that moment his life would never be the same again.

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