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A Black Master meets with a white couple . . .

They'd come rather equipped for the evening: the hubby had a camera and tripod stand and a nylon bag full of Budweiser beer while the wife had a flask cup full of Barcardi. She looked hot wearing a black top and skirt. I sent the white boi hubby out to go get me some pack of gum so the wife and I could sit and talk for a few minutes. She seemed kind of nervous at first and I don't blame her for that - the first time of meeting is usually the nervous stage that needs to be gotten past. We sat next to each other on the bed and I got a sip of some of her Barcardi drink, although my eyes were peaking down at her ample cleavage. She had a large pair of tits, and when I undressed her top off, they just about fell out unto my hands; her nipples erect and waiting. I noticed too she had both a 'Queen of Spades' symbol and a 'Black Cock Slut' tattooed on each of her tits. I pulled at each of them before taking a bite off each. Her hubby returned some minutes later and I told him where to sit his ass down while Michelle and I got busy.

The light in the room was low; the TV volume on mute. I got to tasting Barcardi out the wife's lips as we tongue-kissed each other. Hubby got out his camera but waited till when I told him to start taking pictures. He loved the sight of Michelle and me playing with each other. I laid her down and pressed my face between her tits; I sucked on each one like a wild lion.

I was so hard inside my jeans. I called at the hubby to come over and help me undress her. Josh did as told, helping the wife out of her skirt and light-green panties; I hung that one around the white boi's neck and told him to wear it like a necktie for me, which he did. The wife was already gasping when I pushed her to lie back on the bed and let my tongue find the entrance to her pussy. She was somewhat hairy down there, and I cursed at the white boi for not having the courtesy to give her a shave, something which all hubbies ought to do for their wives without them asking. But I got down my knees and I ate that pussy like a real man ought to. At one time I told the hubby to pass me my Budweiser beer and I took a sip of it and held it in my mouth and soaked it over her pussy while still eating her; that got her wiggling like crazy.

Though it didn't last. She wanted the real black dick and wouldn't stop moaning for it.

I came and laid on my back on the bed and brought the slut over to come sit on my face, but not before I instructed the white boi to come undo the belt buckle of my jeans for her. He came over and did just that, freeing my black cock from its prison and offering the head to the wife. I felt her mouth start to suck on me and it got me eating her pussy even harder.

The white boi too got out of his clothes - his wife ordered him to - and made him kneel before me and ordered him to open his mouth and get a taste of my cock. He seemed to enjoy himself while he did it. The wife got jealous and pushed him aside and took control of my cock once more, all the time moaning about how she just loves the taste of black cock. I told hubby to search inside my bag and he took out a dog leash and I tied it around the slut's neck and made her to keep worshiping my dick. She then looked like a 'Black-Owned' slut.

Her man went and got his camera and that was when I gave him permission to take some pictures.

Master SHANGO.