Shango in Charleston, South Carolina Pt. 3


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Shango in Charleston, South Carolina Pt. 3

Theirs was a big house and a very quiet one too with just the two of them and the cat—the kids have all grown and left. They have the freedom to be themselves however they want.

Shango and Sally had the large bedroom to themselves, most especially the king-sized bed. He stowed his bag in the closet and she joined him in the bathroom and they showered with together. He wanted to save her till later in the night, but her body thought different. They scrubbed each other's body, and he placed her leg on a stand and eat her pussy while water from the shower rained down on them. Adam told them goodnight before retiring upstairs.

The sex continued from where they'd left off in the car as they dried themselves and climbed up on the bed and switched off the light. Sally slid closer to him, loved the feel of his arms around her. Her hand stroked his cock and she would stop giggling and kissing him. He commented that she looked so young and beautiful as she was ... like a college girl. They pushed the bed covers off their legs and she sucked on his cock while he pushed her hair off from her face. He turned on a bedside lamp to see her clearly. Her hands felt cold when she caressed his balls. He thrust his cock further into her mouth. He told her she made him feel so good. His cock was so erect he felt like it would break off his crotch.

Sally came on top of him, reached underneath to guide his cock into her pussy. Her pussy felt tight, but it didn't take long for him to rub her clit and she groaned from it that her wetness lubricated her entrance and his cock slipped into her with little or no resistance. She grind against him; her lips hollered and she was screaming again. So loud it would have woken the neighbours if any was there to hear them ... and Shango would have loved that to happen as well. He kept slapping her ass, pumping his thighs and thrusting more of his cock into her. She leaned backward and caressed his balls while still grinding her hips against him. Her hands went to her head and pulled at her hair; she shrieked almost endlessly.

"Awwhhhnnnn God! Aahhhhwwwnnn God! I want you … I want your black cock!"
He pulled her face towards his, groaning back at her.

"You want that black cock, don't you?"

"Ohhh yes! I want it! I want your fucking black cock to fuck me! Fuck me!"

He pulled his cock out of her and sprayed the back of her ass with his semen. Still he remained hard. He slipped his prick back inside her pussy and kept pounding her again. The bed responded to their weight. He fingered her asshole. He lost count of her climax and wouldn't have cared. He bit on her breasts, rubbed his teeth against her nipples. He felt his erection dying inside her. She collapsed beside him, kissing his lips and face, murmuring to him how happy she was to have him in her bed.

"I love you, Master Shango," she said.

The rain continued to fall outside.

Sally couldn't get enough of Master Shango. She was overwhelmed with so much excitement it was hard for her to contain the rapture she was feeling. All the weeks and months of communicating with him, the hours they'd spent talking to each other on the phone, listening to the sound of his voice coming from miles away. Her falling in love with his voice and all the while picturing what he might look like when standing in front of her. Night after night she'd ached and worried over him and about him. How often she and Adam had conversed about what better way to receive him … what sort of man he would be … but mostly, if he was genuine and hopping he would be everything they both dreamed and hopped he would be. Everything right there and then of having him in her bedroom just seemed to eclipse right there and then as she and Adam introduced him into her home, and then now that she laid in bed under the sheets beside him, naked. They'd just finished making love but still she wasn't ready to go to sleep. In any case, sleep didn't seem to want to come to her; she was too much in her excitement to want that to happen.

"I can't tell you how much I've wanted to meet with you," she said to him.

She drew close to him there was no space between them except for the thick bed sheets they laid under. Her legs came under his. Her hands wouldn't stop feeling over his face, caressing the thin growth of hair that formed his beard under his chin. Her hand left his face and rubbed his shoulder and arm muscles while his ran over her backside and then came forward and tweaked her nipples; she hissed every time he did such. Her body was charged with so much electricity she was like an engine that wouldn't cool down.

"I told you I was real," he said to her.

How she loved the sound of his voice. Hearing it on the phone never ceased to get her wet. And now he was up-close with her, she could feel her wetness squelching between her labia. She wanted this man so much she couldn't think of wanting anything else.

"You worried too much," he smiled at her.

"Forgive me for that. I just never realized … how good you would be."

"You thought I was playing."

"No, no, darling, I never thought so. It's just that … well, sometimes it's hard knowing someone who's real. Especially someone who's far from where you are."

"You were kind of hesitant about that the last time we spoke on the phone," he said. "Especially when you sent me that old posting of mine you found online."

She laughed, clearly embarrassed. "I didn't mean it. Adam and I were just fooling around when we stumbled upon it. It said that you were married. I just wanted to know if it was you or not."

"It wasn't me. I've never been married or even engaged to be."

"I know that now, darling," she wrapped her hands on his face and pressed her lips against his. "Please forgive me."

"There's nothing to forgive; it never happened."

That made her smile. "Did I tell you I always love the sound of your voice?"

"Something tells me you love my lips too."

"Yes, I love your lips. You have the most amazing lips."

Shango pushed the sheets off their body and began kissing her breasts. Sally fell on her backside and cooed. Goosebumps broke over her arms and his lips ran over her tits and around her neck region. She raised herself up from the bed and grabbed at his head. She licked at his ears and then she shot her head back over her pillow, her body taut and she let loose a shaking cry as he slipped his finger in and out of her cunt. His finger rubbed against her clit and that sent a shockwave over her body. Her pussy juice poured out of her cunt freely like a faucet being left to run, and she wouldn't stop beating her hands on the bed, screeching from what he was doing to her.