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SHANGO Dominating a White Couple


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Here's a lovely sample of how a white couple got seduced and 'Owned', taken from Black Master SHANGO novel:

The couple stepped out of the room a half hour later looking and feeling different from when they’d arrived at the airport. Having signed the document, Olu had summoned back the security men and spoke to them in Yoruba to get rid of the cocaine, repack the couple’s bags, and procure for the husband the next available flight to Port Harcourt as soon as possible. He excused himself for a moment and returned to the video room to claim the recorded tape as well as pay the technician a bundle of money before returning to escort the couple out of that vicinity of the airport.

The next scheduled flight to Port Harcourt wasn’t leaving for the next two hours. Olu basked in happiness as it afforded him enough time to insert himself further into the couple’s life. He booked Arnold a ticket and then steered them towards a cafeteria, wanting to buy them an early lunch. He told Becca to sit beside him, as she was now his designated property. She was deemed to obey his every instruction and never to ask questions or look at her husband for soliciting help. Becca glanced at her husband and didn’t see any hint of revolt in his eyes. Olu chatted with them as if nothing had happened the past hour or so, and they too tried to keep up appearances. When they were done, he told them to follow him to the car, that there was something he very much would like for them to see. He told them not to bother worrying about their luggage, as the two security men would make sure nothing happens to them.

Into his BMW they went with Becca sitting beside him in the front while Arnold occupied the backseat alone. Being a top career civil servant, Olu was designated an official driver, however because of his clandestine mission for today, he’d given his driver the day off. He entered the teeming city traffic and drove them in the direction of the area known as Miatama District, located in the heart of the federal capital, where majority of government officials and politicians had their abodes. Olu drove his car into one of such lavish homes. The large gate came open for him to drive in, circling the round driveway that cut through a well kept lawn before coming to a stop in front of the twin glass doors of the mansion. Becca and Arnold came down from the vehicle, taking in the sight of the house and wondered on whose pay was he able to afford such an impressive structure. Neither of them bothered to ask the most important question—what exactly where they doing here?

Olu led them into his home, and from there up the stairs and into his large bedroom.

He told Becca to sit on the bed while to Arnold he indicated a chair by the other side of the room. They watched in silence as first he took of his jacket and shoes, then began unbuttoning his shirt. There was a state-of-the-art stereo and DVD system on a cabinet facing the king-sized bed, above which stood a wide-screen LCD TV. Olu finished taking off his clothes till there remained his pair of boxer shorts, standing. Both Becca and Arnold’s eyes though were embarrassingly fixated on the ample jutting of his erection from behind his shorts. It strained through the fabric looking like the world’s strongest tent pole. Olu noticed their eyes ogling him and it brought a smile to his lips. He thought he would play with them for a while before deciding to whip it out. He picked up a remote control from the bed and aimed it at the DVD and stereo system. At first music began to play—Barry White crooning for a woman to practice what she preach—and then the DVD system came to life, followed by the TV screen. There was a portable web camera resting on the top of the stereo set, and when Olu pressed another button, the camera immediately turned on and it presented its picture on the TV screen, showing Olu standing there in front of the bed, along with Arnold’s wife where she sat with her legs clumped together like a school girl.

“Oh my,” Becca gasped. Neither she nor her husband was expecting to see that.

Olu turned to her and smiled. “You like what you see, Becca? I bet you do. Though I’ll bet you even more that the picture looks even better when you’re close to it. How about you bringing yourself right now to me. It’s high time I get a first taste of what you’re made of.” He licked his tongue over his lips.
Becca glanced at her husband, afraid of what was about to happen. Olu saw where her eyes went and once again burst into laughter.

“Don’t worry about Arnold watching—he’s going to be a good boy. It’s why I want him to sit in on this.” He turned to glare at her husband. “You are going to be good, aren’t you, Arnold?” it sounded more like a statement than a question.

Arnold nodded his head in defeatism; he resembled a shadow of his former self.

“That’s a good boy.” He returned his gaze to Becca and crocked a finger at her, his voice turned seductive. “Come over here, Becca. Don’t be shy; I swear I won’t bite.”

Becca rose from the bed and slowly approached him. Olu leaned his face over the side of her neck and inhaled her musky-scented perfume. He pulled her body towards his and kissed her clavicle. Becca gasped as his hand slid down her skirt to cup her ample butt. Her breasts now were pressing against his chest hard; she too brought her hands to his back and flinched when she felt his erection touch her abdomen. Olu kissed her neck all the way to her ear lobe while his hands went on squeezing the round, soft globe of flesh that was her ass. Becca couldn’t control herself from not responding to the effect of his kisses and groping. She looked at the lonely figure that was her husband seated a few feet from them and shut her eyes. Olu brought his lips to hers and forced his tongue into her mouth, smacking her lips in a kiss. Becca felt suddenly light-headed. Never had she made love to a black man before. Not once had the thought ever come to her about traveling thousands of miles to Africa just so she could get a taste of one. Yet here it was happening to her, and though she couldn’t lie to herself—a part of her was invariably starting to enjoy the feeling.
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