Sexy Wife..


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#7 already know what you have there my friend but honestly, it never hurts to hear it right? What you have there is a very special prize...I have been lucky enough to have an Indian lover or two so I know how good you have it...keep up the good work and keep posting more pics of that yummy piece of goodness!
Well done..she is hot..but Indian women have been VERY SEXY and FINE for a thousand years..are they now breaking
thru and starting to step up to black men..historically, Indian women have been constrained due to culture in having black men interact and having them become 'Blacked' was unheard of..has that changed..
Thanks southernbbc, i do keep her good and enjy special fun every now and again

@Oldschool: thanks again, she is indian alright but british origin so her mindset is different