sexy stud looking for couples in the dc or philly or new jersey or nyc area

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  1. heyyou27

    heyyou27 New Member

    looking 4 a serious couple in these area hope to here from u

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  2. SquirtKnight

    SquirtKnight New Member

    I think this is a good cock for my girl :rolleyes:
  3. frank

    frank New Member

    u can use it in my wife
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  4. freeandclear

    freeandclear New Member

    i would pay you to let my wife suck your cock!
  5. sydney

    sydney Guest

    gorgeous dick
  6. sherryxxx

    sherryxxx New Member

    dammmmm i wanna ride you
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  7. kinkycouple9

    kinkycouple9 Well-Known Member Gold Member

    We are in SNJ.........if you can travel to us, my wife would fuck you....
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  8. andrew 45

    andrew 45 New Member

    you can fuck my chubby wife
  9. White cuck

    White cuck Member

    can i watch?