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  1. MochaChoca

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    Here's my top 5 but would love here other suggestions.....

    1. Ali Larter
    10ia8.jpg alilarter_catfight.jpg ali-larter-ila-retral.jpg

    2. Jennifer Connelly
    Jennifer_Connelly_13865_217.jpg jennifer_connelly.jpg Jennifer-Connelly.jpg

    3. Megan Fox
    megan-fox-leaked-photo1.jpg Megan_Fox-Rolling_Stone-2008_h01.jpg Megan-Fox.jpg

    4. Monica Belluci

    monica_bellucci54.jpg bellu.jpg monica-bellucci-20060930-165104.jpg

    5. Mila Kunis

    mila_kunis_l152.jpg Mila Kunis LA Times.jpg 0001__th_02468_mila_kunis_nylon_magazine-3_122_985lo.jpg
  2. the root

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    Monica Belluci, and Mila Kunis Damn, they are the shit, all the chicks are beautiful, but its something about these 2 that take the cake.
  3. MochaChoca

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    That Italian dark haired seduction, cnt beat that. And Milas Kunis has Ukrainian Russian heritage so i think that explains a lot.

    5 more

    Kiera Knightley
    Eva Mendes
    Christina Hendricks
    Christina Ricci
    Angelina Jolie
    Keira-Knightley-132.JPG EvaMendes12.jpg GG4.jpg acchristinaricci3.jpg ob_angelina_jolie.jpg
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  4. the root

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    Something about Christina Ricci makes me thinks she a dirty girl, just adds to the fantasy.
  5. MochaChoca

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    That photograph from the film Black Snake Moan definitely created that idea in my head. A nasty ass Dixie chick.
    She could take my black snake and moan.....
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  6. InterracialLover

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    It's kind of difficult to limit it to five or for me to even claim one as my favorite. So many choices.