Sexting With My Wife

Last Friday, while I was out on business travels, my wife and I engaged in some hot and heavy text messaging.

Shown below is the actual transcript of our communications.

Does any other husband and wife "sext" each other while they're away? Are there any other men that "sext" another man's wife? Are there any other wives that "sext" their hubby, or their bull, or their secret boyfriend??

Laurita: U wanna play?
Me: Play??
Laurita: Yes
Laurita: A dirty game
Me: Naughty? Dirty?
Laurita: Yes yes
Laurita: Oh yes
Me: I like!!
Me: Tell me??
Me: What's on your thoughtful mind?
Laurita: Face time?
Me: Let's text a bit.
Laurita: My boobs are big
Me: I enjoy how dirty you like to be when we text.
Me: And then, we can finish with some FaceTime.
Laurita: My nipples are awake
Me: Hmmm, really??
Me: Are your nipples hard?
Laurita: Yes
Me: Do you wish your nipples were being tasted, licked and sucked??
Laurita: I want to someone a man suck, taste n lick my nipples n boobs
Me: Up under your shirt.....
Me: Touch them, squeeze them
Laurita: Under
Me: From behind.....
Laurita: So I can feel his warm hands
Me: Starting from your waist.
Me: Caressing your side.
Laurita: Yeah
Laurita: If u can kiss my back at the same time
Me: Hands on you.... working ever so slowly upward.
Laurita: N at the same time I'm touching your dick
Me: Along your back..... along your spine.
Laurita: Oh yeah
Me: Finding the clip that attaches your bra.
Laurita: N them
Laurita: Then
Me: The clip that restrains your wonderful tits within the confines of the bra.
Laurita: They r crazy to go out
Me: And with a simple twist of the clip..... his hands unclip your bra.
Laurita: N u touch n squeeze them like a wolf
Laurita: N u wanna eat them
Laurita: Eat them babe
Laurita: Oh yeah
Laurita: Yeah
Laurita: Suck it
Me: A soft kiss upon your neck, a tongue tracing to your ear while you back your your head upon a shoulder.
Me: You want your shirt off.
Laurita: U r behind me n With one hand you r touching my tits n at the same time u r touching my Pussy n kissing my back
Laurita: Yeah I wanna be naked it
Me: You want your shirt off in order that your bra can FINALLY be tossed aside.
Me: The soft, warm kisses along your neck and upon your ear......
Me: You whisper...... "Please?"
Laurita: Oh yeah
Laurita: Oh I'm imagine that
Laurita: I'm wet
Me: Your mouth wishes to be kissed, loved and and penetrated. Your lovely lips wish to affectionately respond.
Me: You lift your arms and essentially non-verbally indicate, "Strip me of my shirt and bra."
Laurita: My mouth only wants your kisses n my vagina want your penis
Laurita: Right now my mouth is actually open
Laurita: Panting
Laurita:Touching my tits
Me: Finally..... your breasts are exposed. Finally, your nipples can be touched.
Me: Halfway naked.
Laurita: Right now I'm touching my boobs
Laurita: With 1 hand
Laurita: N the other one is touching my vagina
Me: Your long, beautiful hair wisps upon man skin..... your head on shoulder.... your mouth open and willing for kisses. Your breasts exposed, your nipples desirous to be touched.
Me: Kisses. Slow, intriguing and deep kisses.
Me: In the meanwhile..... hand upon your naked, smooth and warm skin.
Me: From off your spine, to your waist and ever so slowly to cradle your breasts.
Laurita: Omg u r really hard
Me: Arms surrounding you, man hands supporting the soft weight of your tits.
Me: A little pinch of your sensitive nipple.
Me: Your mouth being kissed, a tongue enters your mouth and your tongue obliges.
Me: The taste is remarkable to your standard.
Me: You savor. You enjoy. You deeply kiss.
Me: Your breasts are being caressed and teased while your nipples are being gently pinched as you kiss and enjoy being made love to...... by mouth.
Laurita: YUM!!
Laurita: I remember u told me that u like to play with the anus
Me: I did.
Laurita: Yes u did
Me: I didn't question it. I stated that I did.
Laurita: Ok
Me: I'll finger your ass.
Laurita: Still Masturbating ?
Me: Not started, yet.
Laurita: why not?
Me: Am hard. Just not playing yet.
Me: Tell ME some dirty thoughts!
Laurita: Ok
Me: Do you happen to get wet when you go to the gym?
Laurita: The man is sitting n I'm sitting on his dick, n at the same time I'm sucking your dick
Me: Yeah, baby!!
Laurita: He is touching my tits with his huge hands
Me: One hand on your tit, and the other on your waist.
Me: Holding you in place.
Laurita: N u r so satisfied looking at me with another dick inside my pussy
Me: Yes.
Me: I LOVE the expression on your face.
Me: I LOVE seeing you being pleased.
Laurita: Yes
Me: I LOVE seeing the wetness of your pussy on HIS dick while he is fucking you good and hard.
Laurita: N then we change the position now is dog position but this time I'm sucking his dick n u r fucking me
Me: Just like you LOVE being fucked.
Laurita: Oh hard
Laurita: Yeah hard
Laurita: Just fuck me harder
Me: He loves your pussy.
Me: His dick loves your pussy.
Laurita: Yeah
Laurita: He is a good fucker
Laurita: He has a huge dick
Me: And you ride EVERY inch of him.
Laurita: Like u
Me: Deep inside you.
Me: Every thick inch.
Laurita: U r fucking my pussy
Laurita: N he is fucking my ass
Laurita: Both at the same time
Me: OMG!!!
Laurita: I'm so happy
Laurita: Pleased
Me: I'll bet after he's been drilling out your tight, hot, wet pussy...... you would just LOVE to have his pleasurable dick in your mouth, wouldn't you?
Laurita: Oh yes
Me: Licking the entire length of his shaft???
Me: Kissing his solid head??
Me: Your hands caressing his balls.
Laurita: I'm gonna lick his dick n your dick at the same time
Me: Two dicks in your mouth, honey?
Laurita: Yes
Me: WOW!!
Laurita: His dick n your dick
Laurita: U r gonna touch one boob n he is gonna touch my other boob
Laurita: N then we walk to the swimming pool n u guys can fuck me at the same time
Laurita: Ohhhh in the pool
Laurita: Is so great
Me: I wanna see you on him, much like we do. You on top. Him on bottom.
Me: Him in you.
Laurita: N u?
Me: He opening you..... much like I do.
Me: Me, mounting you from behind.
Me: Or, you in doggie style....
Me: Taking it in the mouth and in the rear.
Laurita: R u gonna fuck my ass?
Me: I'll fuck your ass!! Damn right I would!!
Me: Or.... he can too!!
Laurita: R u sure?
Me: Hell.... he and I can take some turns!!
Laurita: But he is fucking my pussy
Me: We can trade off.
Laurita: Sure
Laurita: U can fuck my pussy, my ass, n my mouth
Laurita: N he can fuck my three holes
Me: He can use you however he wishes!!
Laurita: Exactly
Laurita: I'm just your toy
Me: You're my wife. You're his toy.
Laurita: Sure
Laurita: U guys can fuck me wherever, whenever, n however u want
Me: You are soooo HOT!
Me: Gawd I love when you're dirty!
Laurita: I'm using my toy
Laurita: Fuck yeah
Me: Good for you, babe!!
Me: I hope you have your legs spread wide and pushing it DEEP into yourself.
Me: I hope there's a nice coating of your juices.
Me: That is beautiful!!
Me: That is fucking HOT!
Me: OMG, honey!!
Me: Get a guy over there!!
Me: I love hearing you!!
Me: Would LOVE to see.
Me: Sooooo hot.
Me: Awesome, awesome and absolutely awesome!
Me: Time for me to go to bed, but may hafta go to "the website" for a lite bit.
Me: I would really like to watch you suck his dick.