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sexiest poem contest


Real Person

So tell me tell me Master
Am i your Slave
Punish me punish me
If I misbehave
Tease me daddy
and lock me up
in My chains
Make me cum like rain
Let's play let's play
your BigBlackCock games
Fill me up fuck me
till I'm Fucking Insane
Make me hold you
and call out your name
Make me call mom and dad at home
Don't look for me
I'm now BlackOwned
I know I know
as you hold back your smile
I hear you as you say
this white girl is wild
I'm here for your every need
Cause I'm your
slave faithfully
I didn't write this poem, I got it from a site. Hope you enjoy:
i'm in love with big, black dick
i welcome it with open pussy lips
big, black dick is my friend
it's been good to my pussy and my rear end
me and big, black dick go back a long way
if i could, i'd have it every day
big, black dick is tall and strong
it makes my snatch sing a wet song
big, black dick is thick and hard
of my pussy, it is in charge
i'm not afraid of big, black dick
i bend over and beg for it
i open my mouth or spread my cheeks and i
hunger for big, black dick to skeet, skeet, skeet
big, black dick stretches me wide
in and out of black pussy it easily glides
big, black dick is the envy of all others
go 'head wit' ya bad selfs, my well hung brothers

Just take the words pussy, snatch out, and the poem could discribe me