Sex Toys!

A good toy is not simply limited to objects that you stick into a variety of orifices. Neither are they meant to replace good performance, sex toys should be the perfect add-on to a great sexual relationship. They are about enrichment rather than replacement. Ideally they should increase creativity and reduce monotony.

The kinkier and more Lewd, the more fun in my opinion. Sometimes I like a little shock value when I introduce a new one to a lady. Most of my favorites are typically thought of as items for use in a Dom/sub relationship, but I think a lot of them can be used for fun even with people not necessarily into that culture.

So here is a collection of some of my favorite items:

Handcuffs - Whether to a headboard, or a pole in the basement, or just behind her back, restraining a woman's wrists gives me great pleasure. I like taking away the sense of control from them to allow them to fully give into their sexual gratification. I personally prefer behind the back as my favorite place to bind her wrists. Still allows for quite a bit of freedom of movement while taking away her ability to maneuver herself and direct any action.

Butt Plugs - There is a ridiculous amount or nerve endings in a woman's anus, almost like it was built to receive a stimulus. Even with women that try an anal plug for the first time, all have always told me they orgasm harder from the full feeling in their ass. I just love the look of a toy lodged in a delicious rectum. I also have to say if I'm penetrating a woman who is wearing one, I can actually feel the additional tightness from her ass being toy stuffed. I had one girl that loved wearing one during they work day at my request. I have one with a pig tail end currently, and would like to have a horse tail plug as well.

Spreader Bars
- The purpose being that it allows easy access to your partner's vagina or ass, since spreader bar keeps their legs pulled apart. No way a woman can attempt to close off her private areas while one of these is strapped on. I find it lends further excitement to a helpless feeling of relinquishing control to her black bull. Some of my favorite models of the bar include a strap to fasten wrists to it as well as ankles, putting a woman in a very venerable and almost 'doggie style' state of readiness.

Pussy Pumps
- It's basically a small vacuum pump that goes over the vulva and sucks air out, encouraging blood flow to the genitals. Most women report increased sensitivity, and men report increased tightness. I love seeing the face of a woman as we engorge the tissue of her pussy. It's usually a new feeling for most and one hell of a creative method of foreplay.

- It's just visually appealing to me to see a woman neck adorned by a symbol of submission. I typically like to use the types that allow a chain to be fastened to the front. Its nice to be holding a lead that's is connected to a woman's throat to lead her about. Not to mention, it just looks tarty and whorish to see a woman wearing one. Some of the most interesting ones have text on them that proclaim an open sexuality about the lady wearing it. Those are fun to personally fasten on a females neck.

Anal Beads
- Yet another great way to have fun with a woman's rear end. One of the coolest things is seeing them disappear inside a delicious rump. The best results I've always noticed from a woman who's enjoying them, is to withdraw them from her tight sphincter as she is cumming.

Nipple clamps - Quite possible one of my favorite things to touch on a white wife, her nipples. Clamps are a fun way of being a litter rough on such a sensitive area than she may be accustomed to. On the pair I own, the tips are coated with latex, so they provide a certain measure of comfort, but also a nice tight squeeze to a delectable tit. A lot of models have a chain connecting the clamp from breast to breast, I just love the way those look. The most obvious fun is to tug or pull on the chain, increasing the pressure on her nipples.

Mouth Gags
- The idea isn't just keeping your partner silent, but something about squealing and moaning being a bit muffled by one is candy for the ears. Ball gags offer a real interesting look and offer the wearer something to clamp onto. Bit gags look great while a woman's teeth and lips are stretched around one. I prefer however an open mouth gag (I own two), it allows for more creativity as to what can be placed inside her mouth while affixed to her head.

Black Dildo
- Never underestimate the fun that can be had with an additional phallus. I've been known to buy one for girls I date, especially wives. I'll send her home with one knowing she can masturbate with a cock colored very differently from hubby's. While using one with her, I can achieve penetration of two of her available holes, or watch her use it on herself. A very good tool to keep handy to use on black cock sluts.

Sex Swing - I imagine the plethora of positions that myself and a partner can engage in during use. Swings can helps get gravity out of the way for freedom during sex play. From the doggy to upright missionary to cowgirl, the swing will make things comfortable, bouncy and fun. Even oral stimulation (no matter which partner gives or receives) will get a new feel and flavor when a swing is included. My favorite has restraints built in to secure wrists and ankles once she is hoisted up.

- Simple part of play, but very important for the comfort of all involved. Having a wet and ready orifice is essential to good erotic play. I ALWAYS have a bottle handy to keep the action going. Water-based lubes tend to be my favorite, they are safe to use with condoms for those that insist on rubbers. Plus they are fun to apply to a white cunt, and a glistening and wet pussy just looks too tempting not to plunge into.

Never a bad idea to mix it up and keep it fresh with a few naughty toys.