Sex On The Bus

Rex Frank

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After a good day of work you are waiting at the bus stop at night at your usual stop. As the bus pulls up, you notice that is fairly empty. You notice me sitting at the back of the bus where you usually sit. You approach me and our eyes meet. You sit down next to me your legs brush against mine. I look over at your amazing figure and you catch my eyes looking you up and down. You ask me if i would like a better look as the bus turns the corner. You grab my hand as you run it up your skirt. I feel on your panties and i touch a little wet spot. You spread your legs so that my hands could get a better position. I lower your panties a little bit as i start to rub on your clitoris as u let out a small moan. My fingers pick up speed as i lower you on to the back bench. I kiss on your neck softly as i pull your panties off slipping tow fingers into your soft pussy You let off a series of moans as my fingers pick up speed. I kiss up your neck as i start to nibble on your ear. Another moan escapes your sweet lips as we kiss. I feel your body rise up and down as your moans and my fingers pick up speed. I take off your shirt slowly and kiss down your chest. next I remove your bra holding your breasts in my hand and the other in my mouth. I lick around your nipple as u moan even more. I then continue to kiss down your stomach slowly approaching your sweet luscious pussy. My tongue parts your pussy lips as my fingers rub on your clitoris. the bus driver plays music that drowns out your moans as they arise. My tongue moves deeper into your pussy. You then push me up because you are ready for my penis. You pull it out of your pants and you lay me back as u begin to give me head. Your mouth moves back and forth along my shaft as you pick up speed and slow down. Moving my body to your rhythm. Your skills are amazing as you make me moan a little. seeing that you are doing a good job to continue at your pace until i am at my hardest. You then climb on top of me as i insert my penis into your tight pussy. You let out a huge moan as you feel every inch of my penis filling you up. You move your ass up and down rocking my penis to your lovely motion. I then move you into missionary as i thrust my penis deep inside of you. I grind my body into a perfect motion pushing deeper and deeper into you. Your moans go up and down as my speed picks up and goes down. I stand you up over the next chair as i put you into doggy style pushing my penis the deepest it could go. I Push your body over as i spank your ass. Your moans get louder as i start saying my name. I reach my hands around your body holding you close to me as i kiss on the back of your beck and pinch on both of your nipples. You tell me that you are about to cum so i pick up speed and angle my penis so that I'm pushing hard on your g spot. You let out a mini scream as begin to cum all over my penis. Panting hard after u finish i continue pounding until i feel the need to cum. I pull out and you start sucking on my rock hard penis until i cum all over you. I help clean you off and we wait on the bus till my stop so we could get off and continue again at my place


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I love public sex stories/pics/vids. My wife use to give me BJs in the car all the time ... miss those younger days.
Good story; remember, paragraphs are your friend. Mac gif_Yellowball-eatingPopcorn.gif