Serving at cuckold parties


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If you live near Florida you should visit this site, I believe single white boys are welcomed, here is some information...

The cuckolds are there to “Serve and Observe” and to participate and assist the Women in any manner the Women may wish.
The cuckolds are free to masturbate but not to touch any of the Women without permission. The cuckolds may asked (or ordered) to help with “clean ups” or other duties.
The “household cuckolds” are those who are attending with the party Hostesses…Lady Femina, Lady Terrice, Goddess Mitzi , Goddess Lydia and others. These household cuckolds will perform certain functions such as:
Doorman and security
Bedroom Attendants
Bathroom Attendants
The “Guest cuckolds” are those attending with another of the Woman or as a single male. They will also be asked to perform some duties as well such as collecting plates and glasses and keeping the premises neat.
Smoking is not allowed inside Goddess Manor but is permitted in the outdoor balcony area.