Serve those who serve

Mr R. Smith

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As military men we oftentimes find ourselves in different cities and states oftentimes without knowing where to go to find some hot white pussy. Our days are so busy at times that we don't get to go out and look for white pussy, so I want to find some white wives (w0men) who will commit to serving military men when they find themselves in your areas. You can serve them at your home or at hotel, that is up to you decide. Since I am not selfish and since I believe that white pussy was created to be owned and used by black men as they see fit, I encourage my military brothers to say where they are so that they can connect with white pussy wherever they may find themselves. For the cucks out there just know that there is no higher calling for your wives or girlfriends than to serve a black dick who is serving their country. Women, its time to commit.