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Sent this story to my girl... kind of what we want

So we made plans to go out(we both had the next day off) you asked if I could get us a room so we can get tipsy. I said no problem. We are out having fun when you turn to me and say "tell me your fantasy again." I look at you and say "I would love to be your cuckold." You then get a little upset and say "go into detail." I say "here" you say "yes, right here, right now" I smile and say "My ultimate fantasy is to be your cuckold while a hung black guy pounds you and I'm made service, clean up what ever you both want." You smile and say "thank you, now turn around." I turn around and standing behind me is a good looking black man with a smile on his face. I ask "did you hear that?" He says with a chuckle "yeah I did cuck" you smile and say "I planned this. You are in for one hell of a night." Music is playing and he asks you to dance... You pick a spot on the dance floor that I can see all of your moves from the table. You both come back I can see from the bulge in his pants that he is definitely a bbc you both catch me staring. And he says "you like what you see?" I say "it looks huge" you smile and say while reaching to the front of his pants grasping his cock "that's because it is huge."
So the night continues, you come over to me and whisper "he is very dominate. He has something in store." He decides that it's time to have fun. We go to the hotel, he asks for the room number and says he'll be right up. He pulls me and you closer to him and says "both of you get ready. I want you dressed and looking sexy." I look confused... You smile and say "yes sir." You take me by the arm, I hand him the extra key. In the elevator I ask "both looking sexy?" You smile and say "yes you are the cuck so you will play your part." I give you a shrug and you laugh. You then say "he does the cuckold thing with other couples, we already talked before tonight. I told you he has something in store." We make our way to the room, I help you put on an outfit. Then I say "so what am I to put on?" You smile and throw a pair of panties at me, and I say "really" you say "yes really, you are a cuck." I put on the panties and you then say "see you look sexy" he walks in a few minutes later and he smiles and says "good job, you both look sexy. Now come over to me and service me." Both of our hands start to undress him, within minutes he is standing there with his big beautiful black cock. We both go to our knees and you tell me "start at the base, and I'll meet you at the head." We are working his big black dick, he is moaning, pulling our heads onto his cock. He then tells me to grab some lube, and get you ready to take his cock. I reach down and feel that you are dripping wet, you smile. I begun to work lube all over your pussy. He then tells you to lay on your back on the bed. I begin to take off the panties and he says "I didn't tell you to take them off yet" So you lay on the bed, he then tells me to get on top of you with my face near your pussy. I do as I'm told, and within inches of my face I get to see his big black cock enter you. He then says "don't just look at it, eat it and while you're there lick my shaft as I pound her tight white pussy." You then begin to rub my hard cock through the panties and say out loud "do you like the way that feels? The silk panties on your hard dick" I was so into servicing you both that I didn't answer, he grabbed my head and said "answer her" so I say "yes it feels very good" he let's out a slight laugh. He begins to make his thrusts longer and deeper. So long that his cock comes completely out of you and I begin to furiously lick his head. He begins to moan and with a motion I begin working his shaft, your clit and my hand slips under him and I begin to work his balls.
He begins to moan and he says "I'm going to cum. Both of you get on the floor." We go to the floor and open our mouths he begins to empty his load into our eager mouths. We begin to kiss, with his big black cock between our mouths. You then tell him you want to ride him, so he lays down on the bed, you climb up to him, and motion for me to come. I go up hoping for some action and you then say "be a good cuck and get him hard" so I begin to lick and suck his cock I then say "he's hard" you say "good, now get a good view and tongue my ass while I have his big black dick in me" I begin to tongue your ass, and watching his big cock slam into you, I can tell by your movements that you are close to an orgasm. I'm rubbing my cock through the panties when you in a motion swing your body around so you are in reverse cowgirl, you look at me and say "he must really like the panties he's rubbing himself" I then begin to furiously with your clit as he begins to pump and in a few seconds you are screaming in pleasure his cock flies out of you and I begin to suck it. Then you smile at me and say it's your turn. He then pulls the panties to the side and you get the lube and begin to lube my ass and his dick. He tells me to get on all fours on the bed. He then slowly enters me, you crawl under me, in a 69 and begin to suck me as he is in my ass, I bury my face in your pussy, moaning with every lick then with a few thrusts I can feel myself begin to cum. You then let yourself go for another orgasm... And he smiles and says to me, " you think you can get hard again " you then say "he still is" and he lays back on the bed you climb on top and I begin to lick your ass again, you tell me "get the lube" I get it and you say lube up my ass so you can feel what his cock feels like inside of me. I lube both you and me up. I begin to enter you and I can feel how much he fills you up. A few thrusts and I feel like I'm ready to cum again. He is moaning, you are
screaming in ecstasy "fuck me with that big black dick" he begins to really pound you and your motion is carrying you up and down my shaft... With a few more thrusts he begins to say "I'm cumming" I can feel his powerful cock spurting his cum, I begin to cum. You scream "fuck me I'm cumming again" then you buck me off, lay me between his legs and say "eat your cum and his cum out of me."