Sending Her Over Now

We are just kicking back drinking coffee on a snowy, chilly Sunday morning here today and the wife receives a text at 8am from her Black Daddy. He wants to know when she can get over there for a good stretching. She looks at me, my cock already starting to get hard, and says, "What do you think?" I told her that she better do what her Daddy wants. She smiled and said, "I knew you would say that. You know that I have to come when he says to."

They agreed on a time of 9:30am so here I am typing away for all of you while she is showering and dressing sexy for him.

She is on her way now and will text me when she pulls into his driveway. She has to be to work by 4pm today so I know that I may not see her again until she gets off work tonight. This feeling is FUCKING AWESOME!!! She will recall her meeting with him tonight while I carefully lick her sore pussy.


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Good man. Let her enjoy her time with her Daddy. I'm sure she needs a good pounding and there is nothing better than fucking on a cold, snowy morning!!
Sorry everyone, I got carried away with the wife. She finally came home around 1pm. Her poor little pussy was very sore and stretched out. I took my time licking her pussy and sucking all her Bull's cum out. Then I slide my 7-1/2" cock in her.........she felt so stretched. She proceeded to tell me how she submitted to him and took everything he had, just like he wanted to give it to her. She made him cum in her while riding him and squirting all over him..............the next time he came in her was after several minutes of pounding her from behind before flipping her on to her back, pulling her legs up and pounding her until he blew his load. And one point while on her back she said it was so deep that she went to push him away a little telling him, "Daddy you are going so deep." He proceeded to grab her hands, pull them out of the way, moved for more leverage and said, "Oh no, you are going to take ALL OF THIS DICK TODAY!" And proceeded to pound the hell out of her for several minutes. She said it hurt for about the first 10 deep strokes, then she just started orgasming because it FELT SO DAMN GOOD!!!! The 3rd time she made him cum was while licking his ass, his balls and sucked him to completion swallowing every drop.

I proceeded to shoot my load as deep as I could in her at this point. WOW!! HE FUCKED HER FOR NEARLY 3 HOURS AND CAME 3 TIMES. She can't remember how many orgasms she had but said that she squirted 3 times.

When she left for work she told me that she was going to text him right before she finished up at work around 11pm and tell him that she needed HIS BIG BLACK COCK AGAIN.......and go over there. She said that if she does go there, she would be home before sun light.