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Seeking single/married woman,or discreet affair in The Netherlands..

Looking for some fun here in The Netherlands. Any single,married,aunts,sister ...or want an discreet affair who( never had) for steamy sex with an bbc... My choice is in and near Amsterdam,Almere,Utrecht and my province. Max distance hour or hour and half drive. Can not accomodate .

Check my profile and mail me...



Hi, im Sihana, 28 f originally from Turkey living in Amsterdam, Holland. I'm looking for DISCRETE meeting black men between 25 and 45 year - mostly I like gangbang. I like men that are polite and well-groomed, over 190 tall and I like big and sport guys but most important I like very big cocks, 25 cm + . If you interested I can meet you in your apartment or hotel for afternoons and evenings, but before you invite me I like to know how many and what kind of men you organize for me - I only like black ... I'm 153 cm, petite, cute and sexy. I'm also specialist in anal gangbang... If you interested write...
Hi Sihana, thank you for your wonderful email. Like the way you started of with the word DISCRETE! It is my first ,middle and last name:) also your from Turkey and that is an fantasy come true. I am 40 years old..and have an big cock..why don't we email each other and your can chat in dutch with me or english. But before we can work out the details of for an date and fucking you. It would be nice to see some picture's of you nude and with clothes on. I am open for 1 on 1 with you and i can ask some black friends of mine also. But lets start just the two of us and from there we can do an mini gangbang. The question is first we have to see each other in real life to see if there is an sexuel chemistry and picture. Do you like to be fuck with condom or without condom? Lets e-mail/chat to know each other more. My e-mail adres is: exotischevrucht@hotmail.nl

Hope to hear from you soon and that you are serieusly about this.