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seeking penpal M for F

So I have two fantasies.
1. We live in a world where black men are on top of the "power pyramid", black and white women below that, and white men are slaves to the forenamed. As a white man my job in life is to serve my appointed owners and masters in any way that I am needed. As a white male I have been raised to know my place in life and you as a woman know that white men are to be used in any way that pleases you. The point of the story is to explore this imaginary world together and to explore/express our shared love and interest for black men.
2. We are a married couple living in Europe and we want to help the integration of African migrants as much as possible and agree that the best way is to offer you as a sexual-toy and for me, and perhaps my friends, to offer ourselves as servants of sorts.
I'm bi-sexual and my turn-ons are: racial humiliation, submission and domination, size-queens. breeding. Turn-offs: Gore, toilet.