Seeking BBC!

I am married and have my husbands permission to explore. I have never been with a BBC and would love to try one or two, maybe even three ;-D. I am currently based in Johannesburg South Africa, but travel regularly. If there are any BBC's in the UK, I'll be there between 23 August and 31 August. Show me the power of a BBC, make me a BBC whore. I'll dress up for you and and let you have me...
I have not yet been to the states. Bullessence - why would I want to scam anyone? I would get no benefit from doing that. South African BBC are pathetic, most are losers that lie and put photos of others on their profiles, they fail to pitch, they do not have transport and and and... Oh yes, and most of them have those STD's and HIV you're talking about. I am clean and intend to stay that way, hence my looking for BBC elsewhere.... So sorry that I'm not interested in SA blacks!
Bullessence - you're the foolish one, you're writing on my forum - guess you don't understand how this works - you cannot tell me to 'get lost', you need to get lost and stop harassing me. You replied to my message - duh!

Do you think I will put my cell number up on a forum like this with morons like you here......? I can recommend a good psychologist and maybe a tutor to help you understand how things work ;-D
plz guys another great prove that JenB arent real is cell phone. Can any of you guys ask him of his cell number because he wont give it out reason just that JenB is a male that claim to be female.
This is really silly all and all, speculation aside, is there any proof for either side? If you suspect malware, before claiming-HAVE malware proof. take S/S of the scan that turned up positive of whatever you claim has the virus/malware and post it. Otherwise, the phone issue isn't a valid claim in my book- there are many ways to verify who is real without giving out personal info (skype/video chat ect.) Still, on the same page, I don't think anyone should automatically assume that ANYONE is whom they claim to be, its basic internet 101, unless you are meeting up with someone(In which case if you DIDN'T verify it's YOUR fault), I don't think it matters all that much anyway- as the most you will do is exchange opinions. This is a website and like all else, there are going to be fakes and trolls, you should expect it. If you HAVE legitimate irrefutable proof of falsehoods in play, throw it out there, otherwise you look a tad bit silly throwing out random claims. If JenB really is a hoax, it will come out eventually- but don't go scaring away new members due to hysterics.
I haven't requested so I can't confirm any of that- in any case, if this person IS fake, the worst of the matter is they get to what? Browse a few pics? I doubt ANYONE will agree to meetup with this individual if they don't get some sort of reputable confirmation- therefore the waste of time is ultimately theirs, not ours. And with all the negative attention on just her welcome page, I think the pressure is on for clarification.
I know who I am and what I am and when I meet with the right person they will know too... Until then I suggest you grow up or go play somewhere else, a busy highway might be a good option. As for the administrators allowing this kind of crap, I'm surprised...