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Seeking Alpha woman to dominate me

I have been eating pussy and loving not for years. I know that I am here to worship a lady and do as she orders me. I cum to fast for intercource, I was wanker to panties since I smelled the first pair. I masturbated so much that when I finally got real pussy, I came in my pants and went limp, she çuckolded me right then and there with every guy she met. Once she fucked her first black man it all changed. I was totally treated me like shit after that, and I liked it.
I cook, clean, massage, take humiliation, love pegging,milking, cream-pie cleaning, and I used to drink all my Goddesses pee.
She showed me black cock and I was amazed I had only ever wanted to eat pussy until then. From that minute on all my fantasies were about black cocks and sucking them. Or being breed by one or more.