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Seeking advice from couples/women


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I am a 21 year old dominate black man in south Florida, I attend college, have a job, laid back, respectful, and well spoken. I have cuckold a few couples before and the longest couple I've been with was half a year(ended due to them moving). I met them surprisingly online. After them I have been keen on looking for another long term relationship with another couple but haven't had any luck online and want to go out and meet couples/woman.
Here is where I would like some advice. I'm not sure where I would meet couple or women who would be interested in this kind of thing. Not to mention I always get the sense that due to my age, I don't get taken seriously. I am quite mature for my age and have been told that by everyone that has bothered to get to know me. So I would like to know where would you suggest I try and also how would you suggest i approach them?
Keep in mind I am 21 and am not really into woman under 25.
I think the best place to meet couples would be online and I think you should stick with looking here or on other swinger sites like C4P, but if do want to find someone just out I would recommend the following, based solely on our experiences:
Out in general - This is tough as I think few couples want to combine their grocery shopping with their swinging, so I would expect not to meet any couples this way. Save it for the other areas. For example, my wife once saw a black guy at a movie theater that she thought was hot and they kept eye-fucking each other, but we were with friends and she couldn't do anything about it and nothing happened (except she got hot and I got to fuck the hell out of her when we got home).
In the Clubs - Look for women wearing obvious jewelery items such as a QoS necklace, or thumb-rings and toe-rings, or anklets, or who are just dressed provocatively. Once you see them, see if you can catch them looking at you and try to make eye contact. Couples that are thinking about including a black man in their sex life will most likely have a woman that is on the prowl, paying attention to the black men around her. After you make eye contact, watch how she responds to her husband, if they are on the hunt and she is interested she will probably tell him about spotting you. If she does not, or doesn't after eye-fucking you for a while, then they are probably not playing and she just wants something she can't get at home or is just harmlessly flirting. If you do see her telling him, and especially if you see him checking you out, then they might be up for some fun and go over and buy them a drink or maybe ask to dance with her. Even if they are not looking for anything, if you are polite and not pushy it shouldn't cause a scene, unless he is a total dick.
Strip Clubs - Not sure about your area, but in "The Lou" we have some strip clubs where things get wild and these places are your best bet. Check around, if there is a strip club that caters to couples on the weekends, I am certain you will have no problem finding kinky couples there.
Swingers Groups and Clubs - Although meant more for couple-to-couple meet ups, many allow single men, albeit at a higher fee. We met a black man at a swingers club in Las Vegas and had a blast with him for the whole week after that. If you can afford to it might be worth it.
Good luck to ya! I have really enjoyed watching her flirt and meet someone in public, so I get the appeal that must have for you as well. It has actually led to some of the hottest times that we've ever had.