Seeking 24/7 ownership by Black Bull Master.

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    Hello to my Superior Black Men, and Black Woman,

    I have come to accept and embrace the New World Order, and Black Supremecy. I am not a man, I am a Sissy with only one purpose in life. My purpose is to serve, and worship real Black Men as a sub to there Dominance and superiority in every-way. I believe white females are to be breed by Black Men. I am pussy free and only have sex with Black Men as a bitch I suck and swallow Black Seed, and I lick Black Asshole, and I take Black Cock up my pussy ass bareback. I keep my clit locked in chastity 24/7 and have no right to touch it, My existence is entirely to gratify Black Men,
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    That's hot! Exactly how I want to be!
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