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My wife and I are in our mid 40's and have been together since high school. We are not prudes and have been to several nude beaches. We have only been intimate with each other. Recently my wife shared a fantasy of having sex with a big black man while being watched. We take a Caribbean trip every year so I convinced her this year to try out her fantasy What better place to fulfill her being watched fantasy. We have been reading cuckolding stories and have had some exciting sex talking about what we will do. During one evening she asked if I would enjoy watching her have sex with black men at the same time, me included. My initial response was " that sounds very exciting". We have had exciting sex several times since then with some fantasy role play to simulate the "black man" experience. I feel now that I have opened a can of worms and will not be able to handle it. I'm afraid the excitement will cause me to finish too quickly and leave me there watching my wife enjoy a big black stud who is in much better shape and more well endowed than me. My question to the men is how do you get over the feelings of watching your wife being pleasured by other men? Does it get easier when your in the moment. For the ladies: is having sex with black men a common fantasy? Do I stick with the plan and allow my wife to enjoy herself for the week or do I cancel our plans until I think I handle it?



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that is true if you are not sure for one reason or another don't do it cause all it will do is cause problems between you two
and its not worth it in the long run
you have to have trust between both of you and no jealousy it only takes alittle bit of that to ruin a possible good thing
you have to look at yourselves and ask yourselves are you ready to experience something new and that will have a great impact on your sexual life
not all people can do this lifestyle but this lifestyle can be great and will be great if you are willing to be open to new things and experiences on pleasing eachothers needs and desires
yes we all have those feeling but don't let them take over and ruin what could be and will be awesome experience