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Hello to every black bull, with big black dick.
I want to say something about me, I am 24 white girl, who look at porn with black dicks.
I have a lot of dreams. But for this moment, I am looking for dirty chat.

So what I want.....chatting with black bulls, dity nasty stories, with pics of black bulls in action, or with me etc.
I want inteligent, funny, creative bulls, with big fantasy or experience, which are also rough, vulgar, thug.
If you are interesting, please pm me.

I dont want to take your time, so if you are not interesting, let it go.
And if you want to steal my time with something like "i want real meeting, or how are you, or tec, something boring shit, dont message me.
I wanna make my dream come true, but not now.......I have to put right my thing in life, and teach dont listen others.

I also want to chatting with 2or 3 bulls at one conversation. :)

any question?

and some taste from me.....

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have a nice day
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