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SBM firefighter in Ga.

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If there is anything that you would like to know,please feel free to ask.And if you can tell me a little about yourself and waht you are looking.And send a sexy pic,if you don't have one posted.


Hey I'm from Columbus, GA. I will be attending Columbus State in the fall of this year. I plan to become a social worker. I love working with kids but in my spare time I enjoy reading, singing, talking, texting, and most importantly BIG BLACK COCKS. I had my first black cock when I was 16jk and ever since then, I have only been with black men. I have large (38D) breasts and a nice round ass. I love to give blow jobs. I have been told several times that I am good at it! Maybe we could meet and fuck sometime. Hit me up.
Not open for further replies.