Sam and Edward ch2


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Ch. 02
The last two nights had been amazing, better than I could have ever imagined, they had also seen me thinking a lot about the situation I had created and how far I wanted it to go. We were going to have to spend the next few weeks together on a luxury boat, and I had no intention of it ending now so I developed a wild new plan.

"Sam, I have a pretty crazy idea I want to run past you."

"Yeah babe, fire away." Sam replied lazily as she sat on the edge of the bed having just woken from a nap. It had been hard on her to be up all night having torrid sex with Edward than diving during the day, she was catching up on missed sleep whenever possible.

I plucked up the courage and went for it, "On the boat, I want you to pretend to be married to Edward and share the honeymoon suite with him." I spat out hastily before she could cut me off.

"What! Are you serious?" She turned and looked at me with astonishment.

"Just listen, think of how much fun it will be for the both of us. You getting to hang off the arm of your hot black lover in public, in front of your husband, and I get to live out my cuckold fantasy. It's win-win." I reasoned.

"Look, I'm more than happy to do it, fucking Edward is fantastic, but are you sure this is how you want to spend our anniversary, sleeping alone while I'm having sex with another man?" She enquired while starring at me strangely.

"Yes!" I replied instantly.

I explained my plan to Sam, I'd say we had the booking wrong and the reason we had the same names but different rooms was that she was on her honeymoon and was still using her maiden name and that I was her brother whom she never got to see.

After hearing my plan and listening to me plead for several minutes Sam eventually agreed to ask Edward, immediately picking up the phone and dialing his room. This made me think she was more than happy with my plan, also her nipples had visibly stiffened. I had no doubt Edward would be on board and went to the bathroom while she explained my plan to him.

A few minutes later Sam filled me in on the conversation, as I had guessed, Edward was happy to accommodate my wishes and spend the next few weeks fucking the brains out of my sexy wife. She also informed me that Edward wanted them to go shopping again before we left, apparently black men like their women to look a certain way and if they were going to be a couple she'd need some new outfits. So another shopping trip was set for the next day while I went diving again.

Sam and I spent the afternoon and night together, having dinner than going back to the room to fuck like crazy for what would be the last time for a good while. As we lay exhausted next to each other on the bed Sam turned to me, "I'll never understand you, you know, but I'm really glad you're enjoying this kinky stuff because I'm going to really take advantage of it. Not every woman gets chance like this."

"I want you to do whatever you feel like babe, go crazy."

"I just might." She whispered in my ear as we fell asleep.

I had just gotten in when Sam returned from her Big Island shopping trip late that afternoon with quite a few bags from different shops.

"Can you show me?" I enquired as she came into our room.

"Edward said I had to model some of them for you so you'd get to see what your missing out on." She said sternly as she dropped the bags at my feet.

"Am I going to be jealous?"

"Unpack them and find out."

Sam ordered me unpack a box from a lingerie shop first, I was fumbling as I excitedly opened the box she and her lover had purchased together. I lifted out a handful of neatly folded fish net material and passed it to Sam who quickly disappeared into the bathroom. It turned me on to imagine them shopping for these outfits together, selecting the sexiest outfits as they and the sales staff imagined them making love. She emerged a few minutes later in a one-piece crotchless fish net body stocking that clung tight to every curve. I jumped to my feet and walked over to her, she held up a hand to stop me as I got closer.

"You don't get any of this until we get off the boat, if you're asking me to share the honeymoon suite with Edward than I'm his alone till we are done. Now sit yourself down and hand me the big white box."

I did as I was told and passed her the white box which I saw was from a bridal store.

My mouth hit the floor when Sam finally strutted out, now I realized that she was taking the honeymoon theme seriously, dressed in all white lingerie she looked even better than our wedding night. A lace up corset with shelf bra, tiny lace thong, silk stockings with suspenders and buckle up stilettos, she looked like a model from a bridal store catalogue and I had a boner that could cut glass.

"You have no idea how amazing you look, seriously. For the first time I think I'm beginning to regret my decision."

"Too late pal, I promised Edward that I'd wear this for him on the first night of our honeymoon." Sam said while pushing me away. I sat back down deflated at this news, Sam could sense this and decided to rub it in some more, she was really reveling in this new dominant role.

"Do you like me in this?" Sam whispered as she sauntered over to a bag on the floor and bent over exposing her now shaved lace covered pussy as she slowly picked it up before disappearing into the bathroom.

"Uh ha." I moaned.

"My new man thought you would."

"What do you think he's going to do to me when I wear it for him?" Sam asked seductively as she sauntered closer, smoothing the tight lace corset that pulled in her already narrow waist.

"Bad things?" I offered weakly.

"You bet, do you think he'll shoot his first load in me or on me?" Sam asked as she reached forward and lifted my chin with a long red painted fingernail.

"Um, I don't know." I muttered, Sam was in control now and she new it.

"Do you want him to shoot a big load of black sperm inside me, while I'm dressed as his bride?" She asked, looking down at me as she touched her stomach. I nodded and tried to speak but my mouth was too dry, then Sam quickly turned and walked back into the bathroom, leaving sitting stunned on the bed.

We boarded the boat late in the afternoon a few days later and our story worked fine, I was escorted to my single room and Sam and Edward to the honeymoon suite. Not long after all the guests met in the dining room for a briefing followed by dinner. I sat at a table with the fake newlyweds and a few others, we all made small talk and I was excited to hear the back story the two of them had concocted about where they had met and how long they had been together. It dawned on me that I should remember the details incase I was asked about them, so I spent most of dinner just listening and watching as my ultimate fantasy played out before my eyes.
My dick started to throb under the table when Sam explained she had been married before and had a daughter, the best lies are mostly true they say, but I near came in my pants when she said that her next baby will look quite different before leaning over to kiss a beaming Edward on the cheek. I tried desperately to make subtle eye contact with her but she purposefully avoided my gaze, maybe to make me more excited I don't know, but it sure worked and soon Edward led her away to their room. I could sense the jealousy of the remaining women at the table, Edward truly was specimen.

I returned to my cabin and had just laid down to watch a movie and think of what Sam and Edward were up to when my phone went off, I opened the message to find a picture Sam had taken in the bathroom mirror. She was dressed in her white bridal lingerie, the only new addition to the outfit I had previously seen was a large white silk bow around her neck, it beeped again and the next message read, 'About to let my new husband unwrap his present.' My dick immediately sprang to attention as Sam's message hit home, she definitely knew how to push my buttons.

I can't remember how many times I wanked to that picture message over the next few hours, I must have dozed off as my phone woke me when another two messages arrived in quick succession. I fumbled with the phone in my excitement to open them. The first was a picture, clearly taken by Edward, looking down on Sam who was still in her bridal corset kneeling in front of him with both of her tiny hands wrapped around his huge ebony shaft, streams of pearly cum running from the corners of her mouth, dripping from her chin and pooling on her ample cleavage. The look of pure lust and pleasure on her face was something that I had never seen before, the text that followed said simply, 'I think he likes his present.'

I was already eating when they arrived hand in hand at breakfast, both of them smiling as Edward moved Sam's chair out for her and they took their seats opposite me.

"Morning." Edward said.

"Hey guys, sleep well?" I enquired cheekily.

"A bit." Sam replied honestly, she was wearing a neon pink halter bikini top with straps that crossed in front of her neck, leaving a large tear drop of flesh exposed that was filled with cleavage. She looked stunning and I could feel a stirring in my shorts as she stood to get her breakfast and I could see the tiny half thong bottom beneath a translucent black sarong. I was lost in thought wondering if Edward had fucked her again before breakfast, I would have, and was startled when he spoke.

"Thanks man, I really have to say I'm enjoying this trip a whole lot more because of you." He said with a smile and genuine gratitude.

"Me too, those pics from last night were great."

"Thought you might like that last one, she's a great girl, I really mean it man, thank you."

Our conversation ended there as we were joined by some other divers but we smiled and nodded at each other knowing that everything was cool and the happy couple still had my blessing.

The diving that day was amazing and I couldn't have imagined how turned on I was to see Sam and her new lover playing the couple. That afternoon I was standing on the back deck looking at the ocean when Sam appeared next to me.

"Hey babe." She said quietly incase anyone was nearby. "Did you sleep well?"

"A bit." I replied honestly. "I get so horny thinking about you two and what you're doing. Those photos from last night looked so fucking hot, I near came just from looking at them."

"I'm glad babe, I did feel pretty hot in that outfit."

"Honey, I've got to ask, how does it feel have all these people knowing you're fucking that huge black guy?"

"Honestly, it's the hottest thing in the world! I feel like all bets are off, I can do whatever I want, be as dirty as I want and no one cares. I'm not a boring mum, I'm the hot chick getting fucked silly by the huge black stud. Thank you so much for this babe, I never would have imagined how liberated I feel."

"Your really beginning to love this aren't you?"

"I feel like a whole new person, it's amazing." She replied with a confidence I'd never seen in her before.

"You like me being a black man's dirty slut?" Sam enquired, already knowing the answer. "You know I can see the jealousy in the eyes of every woman on this boat."

"It drives me crazy, the dirtier you get, the more turned on I become. I walk around all day trying to hide my hard on."

"Good, because I'm only just getting started," Sam said with a wink before kissing me on the cheek and strutting off back to her new husband. I stared at her shapely pink biking clad rear as she disappeared around the corner and wondered what else she had in store.

Dinner was much the same as the night before, but I went into the bar instead of going straight to bed and to my surprise I was soon joined by the honeymooners.

"May we join you?" Edward asked.

"For sure, I should buy you two a drink." I replied as I motioned to the barman to come over.

Once the drinks were served Sam turned to me with a serious look and said, "You get your chance to have some input into tonights festivities."

"What do you mean? How?" I asked excitedly.

"In Edward's hand is a viagra," he opened his hand to show me the little blue triangle, "If you choose, Edward takes it we go back to our room and take things to a whole other level." Sam stated very calmly.

"Wow." I murmured and began trying to imagine what it could mean, I already knew which way my dick was leading me, and I had never been one to miss an opportunity. Plus I could tell Sam was really excited at having this new found sexual confidence so I turned to Edward and asked, "You need water or is your beer OK to swallow that?"

Edward popped that pill in a second and washed it down with a huge swig of his beer.

Sam smiled at me, "You won't regret this." She said as she got up and quickly led Edward away by the hand.

I had two more drinks while I sat there, my mind was abuzz with all the possibilities and my hard on was raging, what did she have planned?

I returned to my room, hoping at least for another picture, I had been sneaking looks all day at the ones they had sent from last night.

About thirty or so minutes after I had showered and settled in to bed my phone rang, it was a video call from Sam's phone, I answered and Edward's face filled the screen, it looked like he was in the bathroom, "Hey man, thought you might want to watch tonight, Sam thinks I'm taking some photos for you but I figure you've done me a favour so why not." he whispered into the phone.

"Thanks." I replied quietly.

"Dude, thanks for earlier, Sam said you'd go for it but I was skeptical, I've never taken viagra before but I've got a hard on now that I doubt will ever go down." He said as he panned the camera down to show me his massive black spear, I began to fear for Sam's safety, it was truly enormous

"My pleasure." I whispered.

"Don't worry, I've got you on mute so she won't hear you. Enjoy the show brother." The camera then moved through the door and into the bedroom I could see Sam spread eagled face down on the massive king sized bed, she was wearing the crotchless black fishnet body stocking and a pillow placed under her hips which raised her exposed pussy up to perfect fucking height. I was so jealous of Edward right now that my stomach was churning, then I noticed that she was tied to the four corners of the bed by what looked like scarves. She tugged against the restraints as she heard him move closer.

"Oh god, I'm so fucking wet, please fuck me......please baby, I can't wait anymore...." She whimpered as she wiggled her ass on the pillow, trying to entice her lover to give her what she so desperately needed.

It was one of the sexiest things I've ever seen, my wife tied up in front of her black lover and begging to be fucked with her perfect round ass wrapped in tight fishnets, I came in my hand right then. Edward put the phone down so that I had a view of the bed from above the bottom corner, it was perfect, I could see Sam's engorged pussy lips as he knelt on the bed between her widely tethered stockinged legs.

"I'm going to take some photos for your husband." Edward lied, but Sam was unable to turn around enough to see him.

"Oh yeah, good, he'll love this."

"That viagra has me so hard, I think I might be hard all night." Edward teased as he slowly stroked her puffy pussy lips with a huge black finger.

Sam immediately tried to push back onto it, "Good, I want it all night!", her voice growing more demanding as her desperation increased. I knew I was in for a wild show and made a mental note to buy Edward a drink tomorrow.

"You might not be able to handle it, I mean it's super hard, I've never felt it this big." He warned as he slowly worked the tip of his index finger between Sam's now glistening pussy lips.

"Oh God.....stop fucking teasing me! I promise I can handle it.....please, please...just fuck me." My wife was now pleading with her new lover.

Edward edged forward on the bed and placed the massive head of his cock against Sam's waiting lips, I was struggling to imagine how she would fit that Viagra engorged monster inside her, it was fucking huge by comparison to her tiny body.

"Your tight little pussy might get too stretched." He said as he slowly worked the first few inches into my eager wife.

Sam moaned in pleasure as she finally got what she so desperately wanted, "I don't care, just fuck me.......hard."

Edward slowly inched his rock hard vein ridged monster deeper inside her and she raised her hips to force him deeper into her. Edward then quickly pulled out of Sam, leaving her pussy still slightly open, he might be right about that stretched part I thought to myself.

"Oh god, please, put it back in." She whimpered.

"Nah." He teased.

"I'll do anything, please." She begged.

"Would you stop taking the pill?" He asked.


"Cause I want to put a baby in you." He answered dead pan.

"Are you serious?"

"Yep, we flush those pills tomorrow or we don't fuck again." Edward was fucking with her mind now as he rubbed his manhood against her dripping pussy, trying to tempt her. I didn't know what to think, but I was now even harder than before so I thought I'd follow my dick and see how it played out.

"But why?" Sam asked again.

"Because I want to have my baby growing inside your belly." Edward explained.

I could see Edward had eased just the tip of his massive cock into Sam's sopping wet snatch, she sighed with audible relief at the feeling of having her lover back inside her.

"Oh god, yeah." She moaned as she tried to push back and get more of it inside her but her restraints stopped her short.

Edward lowered himself down on to her so he could whisper into her ear, "You must have thought about it, the number of times we've fucked. My baby, a gorgeous little black baby growing inside you." He must have pushed himself a little deeper as Sam moaned again.

"Does it turn you on to think about it?" He asked as he pushed a little further inside Sam.

"Mmmmmh." She moaned in response.

"But.." She whimpered, near crying.

"Does it make you excited when you think about it?" He asked again. He continued slowly inching deeper.

Sam said nothing, she lust lay there wiggling her hips, trying to get as much of his huge black meat inside her. Edward moved one of his huge hands around under her belly and caressed it as he pushed the remaining inches into her and slowly rocked backwards and forwards.

"Do you think about the possibility every time we fuck?" He asked.
Yes." Sam moaned quietly.

"Do you think about it when you see your husband?"


Edward was now propped up on his arms and slowly fucking Sam while he questioned her, knowing she was almost powerless to resist him.

"Do you wonder if he would be ok with it?"


"Have you asked him?"

"No." She whimpered as he increased his tempo slightly.

"It turns you on though, doesn't it? The thought of carrying out black baby."

"Yes!" Sam screamed at him. "It does OK, there I've said it. Now, just fuck me. Please!" Sam was near crying, emotionally and physically exhausted she had buckled to her lust, I didn't blame her one bit. Despite the emotional turmoil I was feeling right now too, I couldn't look away. Edward, upon hearing here finally admit her darkest desires, started to slowly build a steady, powerful rhythm as my wife squirmed under him, the sound of his balls slapping against Sam's stockinged clad rear played out over the speaker as I beat off furiously in my room.

"Oh god.....fuck!" Sam screamed as Edward slammed into her, I watched as the pillow under her hips crumpled with each powerful thrust, acting like a shock absorber for Edwards brutal force. Within a few minutes Sam's body tensed against the restraints and she spasmed as orgasm racked her body, Edward kept a steady rhythm as Sam shook beneath him driving long powerful strokes into my super sexy wife.

" The V's got my cock like iron." Edward said as Sam made illegible noises beneath him, then he changed up his motion, moving his hips higher up her back and driving in at a different angle.

"Oh FUCK.......Ohhhhh!" Sam screamed and thrashed against her bonds, I heard Edward chuckle as this clearly was having the desired effect on Sam and she came screaming and thrashing wildly. I had never seen Sam orgasm this hard and I was beginning to wonder if the restraints would hold her, he continued to drive that massive black pole into Sam's now stretched beyond belief pussy for what seemed like ages to me, and no doubt Sam also, but then I saw his body stiffen slightly, Sam must have felt it too.

"Yeah baby, cum in me, OH GOD!" She screamed as Edward pumped a massive load of swimmers into my wife's pussy, his sweat covered body spasming as he blasted shot after shot directly against the back wall of her womb. I'd blown my load so many times my dick was sore, I was witnessing my fantasy on steroids. Edward eventually pulled out and grabbed the phone, showing me a close up of Sam's gaping pussy as torrents of his pearly semen poured out.

"Taste it baby." Edward instructed Sam as he moved around the bed and forced his still rock hard penis into her mouth, she greedily devoured their combined juices off his ebony shaft while he untied her hands. After a minute, he pulled free of my wife's hungry mouth and untied her totally, then he collapsed next to her, exhausted. I was caught by the contrast of Sam's milky white skin next to Edward's, then I caught myself wondering what their baby's would be like.

Moments later I saw Sam roll over and quickly get up, walking towards the bathroom, a picture of female sexiness.

"You OK?" Edward asked, possibly afraid he'd gone too far.

"More than. I've just got some stuff I need to flush." She replied with a cheeky smile before disappearing behind the door.