There is'nt much to say about myself. I'm 20 years old Black American, I live in the Bronx, NY. I love to read write and workout. I dont watch much TV. I'm very ambitious and have alot of future goals I have to achieve. Other than than I'm an amazing person to meet in person.
Hi Bishop,
My name is Terri I'm 65 and white, had a lot of sexual experiences in my life and still having them now, got into black cock at a late age only when we traveled outside of the UK. Hubby likes to watch me being fucked and especially likes gang bangs, working in India at the moment so lots of guys here to fuck and suck, hubby likes them to cum over me, I do it for him but would rather have it in my mouth. Both hubby and I have been writting up my sex life so if you want to write I would only too pleased to share with you.
Love Terri xx
I loved to see a post like this where the wife loves to have her husband watch over more than the husband himself !
Where in India are you working ?
Would love to connect with You-I'm in India too.