Ride the train.

After a night lowering my inhibitions at the local bar with my boy friend, I mentioned a thought I had about how I've been with a couple guys at one time and a a few in one night but I wanted to be fucked by one guy after another till I couldn't handle any more. He seemed to like the idea of seeing how far this could go. About a week later he text me letting me know that when I came home he had 9 guys waiting for me. I was so excited that I sped strait home. I walked in and was greeted by the usual suspects as well as 5 new men I had never met. Derek introduced me to them and pour me a drink to get me loosened up. I hurried through my drink and told him I would be ready in a few minutes. I took a quick shower and slipped into some sexy lingerie, a black and pink cupless bra with matching panties and garter with white sheer stockings and heels. I walked back into the room and stood in the center waiting for who was first. Derek walked me into the other room with the first following behind. Derek took of his pants and was already hard. His thick black dick begging for my attention. I undid #1's pants and began to stoke him while he pulled off his shirt and sucked my tits. As he hardened he wasn't real big, I guess that's why he was first. He layed me back on the bed and stood at the edge, pulled aside my panties and slowly worked his dick into me. I was already wet and it didn't take long before he was pounding me hard. 1 began to grunt and push deeper till I felt him cum. Derek got onto the bed and pulled my head onto his cock. #2 came in next and without a word pulled out his cock and went right to work fucking me. Another that wasn't big but at least close to average. It took 2 only a few minutes before he was cuming, when he did he pulled out and wanted me to swallow and I obliged.
I was a bit disappointed by the start how both came so quick that I had barely warmed up. But when I saw #3 I knew things were about to begin. He got on his knees and started to eat my slightly used pussy. He was good and seemed to really enjoy it. When he stood up and unzipped I saw a big bulge and I knew he had what I was waiting for. He wasn't at all shy about it and with a single thrust was all the way in. I screamed, partly in pain partly pleasure but he must have thought that's what I wanted because he fucked me hard and fast. It felt so good that I forgot about sucking Derek and wound up just holding his dick as I got pumped by this new stranger. I lost all sense of time and just felt one orgasm after another roll through my body until 3 dumped a hot load of cum as deep in me as he could. 4,5,and 6 where right behind him and each worked me over till I felt cum dripping from my gapped pussy down my ass.
Derek had given up on me sucking him during this and decided he wanted a turn too. After 6 pulled out he was immediately replaced with Derek's hard throbbing cock. He fucked me mercilessly while I grabbed at the sheets. He pulled out and rolled me over. I thought he was going to fuck my ass but he told me to pull in my knees underneath me, grabbed my hips and fucked me harder than he ever had before. When he was close he pulled out and put me on my knees below him. He rubbed his dick and came on my face. He smiled a bit and told me not to forget who owns that little white ass and told me to lay back on the bed. 7 and 8 were a bit of a blur, both were good but nothing too special.
9 came in and as he was fucking me the others began to come back in. Most were hard again and stroking as they watched me get fucked. 9 pulled out and covered my stomach with his cum.
The guys began to circle around me and I got to my knees and decided to help them out. I sucked and stroked them all letting them fuck my face while I begged for their hot cum. As each got close I stroked and sucked until they were ready and all 9 covered my face and chest with their sweet sticky cum. Several would cum on my face and continue to stroke as they shot more cum than I thought they could for a second time. By the time they were all finished I was covered in a hot cum glaze. They dressed and left, I got cleaned up and joined them for a beer in the living room. What I thought would be a train became a blowbang/facial. Derek told me after they left that if I got to try something new he didn't see why he couldn't watch me do things that he wanted to see me do.
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