Oh god! Is it him? The one they told me about? The horse cock guy they were joking about?

I needed the 10,000 dollars. I could have asked my rich daddy but I just wanted to get the money myself.

The photographer said it would be only for a few hours … but it’s been the entire day! No windows in this place … what time is it? Was he really a photographer? He said I’d pose for a few pictures and maybe a little sex play. Easy money, he said. He said some guys get off on seeing pictures of a pretty white girl tied up. He said it would all be fun. I needed the 10,000.

Why doesn’t he say something back there? Is he the one they told me about? I must have been fucked a hundred times already. They just keep coming. What … did they put an ad in the paper? Are they charging admission? I’ve swallowed more cum today than in my entire life. God!, they’ve all been huge … all BLACK and all HUGE!

All black … I’ve never been fucked by black before. And soooooooo many! Are they all this big? The first ones felt good … god, yes … they did feel good … but now it just hurts so bad.

I’m scared. They blind folded me to get me here. At first it was fun but now I’m scared. It looks like the basement of some old run down building. Kinda like the slummy houses my rich daddy owns. God, what if it IS one of his places? OH GOD … that neighborhood is full of thugs and gang bangers. Oh god … is that who’s been fucking me all day?

Oh god … is this the guy with the enormous cock they’ve been talking about though? I’m soooo sore … soooo stretched. They’ve fucked me sooo hard … soooo many! Is he the one they we’re laughing about after they tied me here this morning?

Oh god … I just really needed the 10,000. What if they don’t pay me?

There’s no line of guys anymore. It's so quiet like maybe they all left. Why doesn’t he say something? Is he the one? The body builder? The one they said would feel like hot steel rammed up my pussy … the one who made the others look small? How big could he be?

I’m soooo tired. I just really needed the 10,000 dollars. What will I say to my boyfriend? He’s soooooo tiny compared to all these guys. I’ll bet I was fucked a hundred times today. He will never understand. I’ll never be tight for him again.

He is the one, isn’t he? The one that they said would rip my pussy so bad I’d need stitches? He’s so quiet … like maybe he’s angry.

Oh My God! I’ve been here before … I remember this place! This IS one of my daddy’s buildings. It’s the place with all those black guys hanging out. The place where they chased my daddy off his own property with a baseball bat a couple months ago! God, they were soooo angry. And that one guy … he was staring so hard at me ... so cold … I locked the car door ... it was soooo scary.

Oh God … it’s THAT guy!

The my guy daddy evicted …

Thanks ... Anything I put on this thread is fiction.

Well, sometimes I marry in a bit of real events ... and come to think of it I've put a couple 100% real stories here too. Anyway, the one above is fiction ...