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Request . . .

Hi everyone, I have been AWOL for several months working on a new project and trying to keep focused. I have a request for the forum for help and input. I would like to discuss a series I am working on--erotica WWBM. I would rather not share the exact idea on the public forum as it is an idea that, frankly, could be easily hijacked by some enterprising speed writer before my slow self gets it off the ground. I've posted quite a bit of material on the 'stories' thread, so you can get an idea of what I have been writing thus far. If any member is interested in brain storming with me, telling me what kind of 'adventure' you'd like to read about, or just giving me your two cents, I'm all ears. My email is available on my profile and you can also send me a message here on the forum. I'll reply with a brief sketch of the project. Thanks in advance. Your humble writer, Rene.