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Does size matter?

  1. Yes, cock size matters

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  2. Yes, body size matters

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  3. yes, tit size matters

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  4. yes, ass size matters

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  5. No, its not size, its color that matters

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  6. No, Other things matter, Please explain----

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    I recently discovered that my wife's latest boy friend is not what I expected. Normally, at least its how I thought, when you image your guy or gal cheating on you, you image she or she is with this super hot or super well build individual and that is the reason why they desired being with the other person.

    I just found out that my wife's BF is not exactly a super model. In fact, he is a fairly large man standing over 6'4 and weighing in over 300lbs. I discovered this and what started the discussion with her about it was a set of pictures he sent to me after their last evening together.

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    As you can see, he is not a tinny man. I was kind of surprised, and yes, still turned on seeing her pounded by him. But I later had to ask. Her reply was that large men intrigued her. She said what she really loves about being with him is the way he pounds her. She says he will just grab her by the hair and just thrash into her from behind like he is trying to push it all the way through. She says his huge body forces her legs so wide apart that no mater what her lips are tight for him and she can feel ever inch of every stroke, especially when he puts her legs high over her head.

    Guys/Gals has something similar happened to you?