Relatively new to the cuckold experience

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    Hello all,

    I am relatively new to the whole hot wife/cuckold experience though I have
    watched my girfriend getting fucked twice by another guy (once in her bed and
    another time in a hot tub).

    Anyway, she told me about this guy who has been pursuing her for the last two
    years who she says "wants to fill all three of my holes" and do so without a
    condom, and "really, really" wants to eat her out. The other guy knows my
    interest in cuckolding but has asked that when he first fucks her that it just
    be the two of them. I am not sure how I feel about that, what sort of advice
    could you give me?

    I touted the idea of them making a video of the first time, but part of my issue
    is that I feel somewhat safe when it's happening right there and then in front
    of me, but not sitting at home knowing that my girlfriend is in another guys bed
    getting fucked.
  2. Kory

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    Just go with it.
  3. mrtatte

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    I think a couple needs to stay together. We only swing together, we are only with our boyfriend together, and that is the way it is going to be. In our minds, it would be cheating otherwise.
  4. hephaestus

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    You might feel you need to be there with her and decide to make that a precondition - unless your goal is to ultimately lose her completely you might think about staying in on the action and taking part too - so that as she cums her mind doesn't start to wash you out of her memories because that way you'll still be in her new memories of her receiving the best sex and powerful orgasms - power is no understatement.

    And just so you know the above is scientific fact - during orgasm oxytocin amongst other chemicals are produced in the brain which help to wash away memories of old lovers - its a reprinting process to make the transition change to new partners - Its encoded in our genes and due to the larger emotional centre in women brains is more prominent.

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  5. leri

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    I totally agree with mrtatte. Although a true cuckold is one with an unfaithful wife. However, I feel the same way. I want to be part of it at least in the same house. I have been trying foor years to get my wife to do it.
  6. sterling

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    Let her fuck him and hear about the details when she gets home. You want to be cucked. She's found a guy that she wants to fuck, and he understands the relationship. Buy her a new thong, help herget ready, and be ready to fuck her when she gets home. If she really wants this guy, she might just fuck him without you knowing if you say no. Meet the guy and then lay out the ground rules. Then let them go for it. Maybe they'll get comfortable enought to fck in front of you.
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    BU8LLANDTOY New Member

    say no tell your wife i have have to aprove who you fuck how you fuck when and where get involed of her fantasies let now man take that away she will like that and love doing it as she wi;; be more turned on knowing your turned on helping and watching been doing it 18 years elimates jelousey and is safe and it male it a sexual act you togeyher
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    Good advice, BU; too bad you're responding to a 6 year old thread. bbdaniel's probably drawing his social security right about now. He hasn't posted here since he posted THIS thread in August 2010. :p