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I have alot of relationships with black men and Ive grown very accustomed to it.I also have a black boyfriend who I love very much who has gotten me pregnant twice now! And I have been married to my white husband for 20 years and he understands that these black men will always get to take me whenever they wish because I love them and I want them making love to me! They fuck me so damn good and just destroy my pussy and own it more every time they cum in me!
An interesting topic. Since having an affair with a black man is only a fantasy for my wife I thought this would be an enlightening question to ask her. I could see her opting for "just sex" because when she talks about her fantasy it rarely involves anyone we know. I have tried bringing up black acquaintances hoping the fantasy would encourage possibly something more. But she typically became reticent if I suggested this fantasy scenario, preferring a fictional black lover. So when I brought this question up I was a bit surprised she favored having a relationship. She felt there would be alot less to be nervous or worried about with someone she was comfortable being around & she would be able to just enjoy the sex. Being more submissive, her fantasies usually involve a dominant black man so I asked if she thought he might be less aggressive if he knew her. She felt just the opposite, that he would understand better what she wanted & she would be less inhibited. Besides, she pointed out giving me a mischievous look, I would be in a position to divulge some desires she may be embarrassed to suggest herself. It suddenly hit me what might develop out of that situation. What would it be like being in everyday situations with someone who has taken my wife, likely experienced things with her I was too timid to suggest. Would he know I am unable to satisfy her, would she tell him things about us that I never thought would be exposed? After considering her preference for a relationship I found the idea both worried & excited me, and I realized it could be much more exciting than just sex.