Recovery time after a cuck orgasms.

Hey guys, so I would like to know how long does it take for you cuck's out there to recover after you orgasm. I am sure I am not alone on this, when I orgasm, I suddenly regret it and sometimes I have to step away from the activity and come back in 15 minutes to get back into the mind state. Even after almost a year into the lifestyle I still go through this, I have learned to accept it and although I feel the regret I just let it go and go back. It used to hit me hard, i would have to almost leave the house, and I did cry once; it took me much longer to recover at first.
At this point, even when I orgasm, I still participate and stick around till it comes back to me. I have learned to control that regret,sad feeling momentarily just enough to not hit me hard. Sometimes I cum early from excitement depending on what she's doing with them so I let it happen, most of the time I hold it till the very end.
Most of the time I cum in my hand standing in front of them, then they have me stay there playing with my soft little dick until they are finished. It's actually a big turn on.


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It takes me even longer that is why I am not allowed to touch myself until they are all done and she tells me to. Mostly she will wait until the next morning or longer. Keeps me on "edge". However there have been a few times I have cum without even touching myself. Especially eating her
Before I was pantied I remember my wife challenging me to fuck her right after her Black Bull had just gaped her pussy with his huge Black Cock...

I had been stroking myself while she was being deeply fucked and initially thought I might be able to follow him, but as I got ready to mount her, I stared at her bald white pussy. It was blushed red with having been mercilessly fucked by an almost 10" black cock and almost looked ruined. The room smelled of her stretched-out pussy. I just stared at it and began to soften... my erection just faded.

My wife was feeling pretty antagonistic. She said "Well?!"

"Easy baby," said the Bull. "It's dawning on him he can't compete. That's it, take a good hard long look, white-boi: this black man (his word not mine) just resized your wife. She ain't sitting at the baby-dick table any more. Give me your wedding ring."

So I reluctantly slipped off my wedding ring and gave it to him.

"Your wife belongs to me now, don't you baby?"

"Yes, Sir," She said.

"All you're good for now is clean up, so get in there and kiss your wife's pussy. Make it all pretty for me."

So, I obeyed.

The key is not to cum,it's best to be restrained or have a chasity device on,if I cum to quick I feel terrible and even want it to stop,have learned to control this over the years but at first I got so jealous,my wife got a cb3000 and if we were going to have fun I'd happily wear it