Recommendations for a tatoo on my girl?


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I think it depends wether your gf has been with BBC yet, what message she wants to send or if she wants/needs to keep it secret or not.
If its just for you and black guys to see, then above her privates or ass probably be best and she can be a bit more daring and obvious.
If its going to be on more public show, then you might want it to be more subtle and less obvious.
Also depends on a girls circumstances. Im in my 40s, married and not too botheted about other peoples opinions. If a girl is young and single, she may want it to be more subtle.
My own preference is the QoS. Mines a more obvious QoS but you can do clever designs with the QoS hidden within. X


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My personal feeling is she's too pretty to go marking up, but small & simple with tattoos is always the best way. I've always loved seeing this one:

And there's a similar one I've seen that says "For Your Eyes Only" placed in the same area. gif_Yellowball-You'reWelcom3.gif
IMO ... If she goes with something around the pelvic area, I'd make sure it falls below the bikini line.