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Recently Cuckolded

I found out my wife joined this site and met somebody here. I think she plans on leaving me. She thinks I should be ok with her having a lover and me not seeing anyone else. I love her and don't want to lose her and I think its wrong that all these girls just have to be with black guys. Now I'm just stuck because if she does leave me it will be humiliating to have to tell friends and family that. What am I supposed to do. Her name on here is holly22umsl, please try to talk her out of doing this.
What you sounding alarm bells for, white boi?
Only alarm I'm seeing is the "faker" alarm.

Let me get this straight...this site is full of people who are in, want to be in, and encouraging this lifestyle. Yet, this person is asking the same group to talk "her" out of it? Yeah right...complete BS!!!
And I love him even more for even trying to accept all this and talk to people on here. He probably won't ever even after reading some of the stuff that was said.
I'm just playing devil's advocate. He obviously loves you a lot. Go with your instinct, listen to it. It''s pretty powerful. Send me your email.
I was never not defending him. I love him, he's my husband. It doesn't give people the right to be mean on here. I don't want to hurt him, this is something I thought we could work through together and real people on here would understand that this isnt an easy situation. In fantasy land, it would be. In real life, its not.
This site is all about fantasy and even more so with all the fakers who play different roles using different IDs pretending to be different people.

Anyone who thinks they can resolve extremely personal issues in a forum like this have no grasp of reality or are simply jacking others around (i.e. Fakers such as one person using more than one ID).

My bet is on the latter.

One Small Dick

Gold Member
Chris, just do whatever she tells you to do. Be the obedient husband she can be proud of and if you do that well, she probably won't leave you. Oh one other thing, support her in all of her sexual adventures and remember, if she wants to have sex with whoever just go with the flow. (No pun intended).