Reality of the white male against the black male from this Lady,s perspective

Amanda seeking

Now I now this may appear controversial to some but I do feel very strongly why a Black male IS superior for Fucking and Lovemaking and Breeding than a white male.
In my experience the majority of Black male,s do have a larger and fatter Cock, usually longer and most important, know how to use it ! to me only a Black male,s cock, shall we say "hits the spot" and lasts long enough to totally enjoy it. a Black male, seems to know how to sexually please a Lady not just wham bam thank you Ma,am dump their load and collapse and be good for nothing after ! the black cocks I've had know how to bring a woman on first, heighten the inevitable until a girl is practically begging for that beautiful big black cock and then take her to heights she has never been to before, "at least not with a white penis" yes to me a white male has a penis and a black male has a cock.
I feel so strongly in this that I feel most white male,s penises should be locked up under control of the white or black Woman, occasionally milked in chastity but forever denied pussy, they just don,t cut the mustard , which leads me onto breeding. I know some Lady,s want a white baby, but wouldn't it be better if they was artificially inseminated instead of having to put up with an inadequate penis that just spurts before it has satisfied the Lady ? better still let her have a proper black cock master to breed with and have an occasional white baby by insemination ? there just is no reason for a Woman to suffer the white penis being pushed into her (if she can feel it) and be subjected to a one minute thrusting before it spurts away ? as against being brought on to ecstasy and feel the large black cock swell and fill her entirely and then spray her with copious amounts of thick black baby batter right into her womb whilst driving her insane. ohh my god i think ive wet myself already mmmmmm