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reality check

i do enjoy watching interracial porn but i have to say this site cracks me up, first off not all white women desire a bbc, i know many that are very happy with the white men they date and or married too. also i have done surveys in the past and present where the question was, what matters most, the size or how its used, and 90 percent said how a man works it means more than the size. i had several white women that went black and came to me because i knew how to work it even though they were hung and i was average, dont mean to rain on your parade but many of you on this site live in a fantasy world and have not seen reality for quite a while. i do agree that white females should try black dick at least once to see how it is but to say its their duty is only something i say when i am jerking off and about to cum in fantasy but after i cum, the reality sets in and those thoughts quickly vanish, many may not reply and hate this discussion but its only because its the truth.