REAL question for the wives that have gone black..

This is a REAL , serious Question..

We are a long time married couple in a ‘hotwife’ type relationship (not a cuckold relationship as defined by a submissive husband). My wife was very conservative, she had an almost ‘Victorian’ outlook on sex outside of marriage until a about five years ago.. After her first adventure, she has fully embraced the idea of being a Hotwife..

She tends to see one guy as a long term boyfriend but occasionally dates a new guy.. she has been seeing her current friend for about 2 years.. He knows I know about him.. but he does not ever want to play with her when I am around.. My wife wants to try a MFM.. Plus SHE wants me to watch ( I would like to also.. but it’s definitely HER idea) My ‘kink’ is I would LOVE to see her wrestle with a huge BBC..

We have discussed this.. but she always returns to “ Its nothing more than a fetish.. and black men are no better or worse than white men at sex.. “

Soooo.. My question is to the women who have become very fond of sex with black men.. How and why would you explain to her its better? She sees this board also.. so she will read your responses directly..

Thank in advance!
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