REAL Member, Gold Member, BBCslut...?

hi guys .. i just had this silly idea, that crossed my mind last night.
Woman have always been collectors throughout history of men. I hope im not being steriotypical by that, but i red many articles about it and i experienced it myself with many women i dated and came to that very same conclusion. Women seem to love collecting and " rising " in status and level. Just like white bois like to play online roleplay games and level up women should have the oppurtunity to lise in "level" and get new status for every time she had sex with a black man. i would suggest the levels yourd be

1.Black cock = Familymember of BBC
3.Black cock = Addicted to BBC
5. or more = Queen of spades

this status/level should be approved everytime with pictures

Queens of spades get an extra aria where they can share secret stuff and ideas to convert more women to BBC lifestyle :)



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You're really BUYING INTO ALL THIS pretty heavy, aren't you, tokio?

Women seem to love collecting and " rising " in status and level.
Hey, this is the 21st century, guy ... women don't need to collect men to rise in "status" ... they're been making leaps and bounds over men in every category the past decade or so ... they now collect men like they collect shoes. I'm just glad I'm married to a traditional, late 20th century woman (over 19 years now) and that she's happy being a wife & mom. I don't mind sharing her when we're doing our thing, but to become subservient to her and/or to another man would be devastatingly demoralizing, as it would be for most men.
Maybe its time to visit some other different types of porn sites. You might be losing touch with the real world in this fantasy.