real. i paid a black man to let me suck him yesterday.

Im glad i did. I am coming to terms with it there.are a lot of big black dicks that are beautiful with no clothes on and
Until you suck one that is nice clean big and beautiful you will never know how amazing they truly are.

Has anyone else here every paid to suck black dick?

Is it bad that i would do it again.
Im not proud of it but it really happened. A part of me came to terms with it. the thing is i think i would do it again.
I dont know why. Im not gay. Would never do anal or sucl a white dick even if its big.
But i would suck a black dick all over again and pay him for it.
Bro dont be mad. Embrace it. Im about to move in with my girlfriend and decided to have one last thing i needed to try it.
I posted a craigslist ad and like it or not envy me or embrace that you eould love a nice big black dick in your mouth.
I put it on anything it happened i loved it and it was worth every penny.
I spent the rest of the day trying to find another to come over only found duds and had no more muck.

Wish i could have had a few more.

It was a crazy day.
You can see me however you choose no problem. I know i dont find black men attractive i would never date a man of sny race anal is gay. I wouldnt suck a white dick but man if you can find the right black dixk and you wanna suck it try it. You wont regret it.

You seem upset though but you're here you may not think so but one day there will be one in your mouth and you will let him cum in your mouth.
All facts buddy. Your here for a reason. Make peace wi th it.
Bro you are here because its meant to be you sowed your own fate the very first time you saw a black on white girl and jerked off.

You are here because you will eventually try it.

Its your choice to be gay or not.

I chose to love my girl and be with her and never share her.

And im glad that before we move in together i did it. All the.videos i watched came out in that motel room.
I could bang my girl today and make her come.

But maybe just maybe id do it again. Not gay. No anal nothing. No white dick. Just my mouth and bbc for a good te
Bro im white. Why are you in this site?

I wish you luck on working all your stuff out.

But dont be ashamed bro. No need. Dont share your girl. Dont hate yourself dont get racist toward black. Just,come to terms that one will end up in your mouth and you will like it.
You must be young and confused. I wish you well and i hope you dont kill yourself or something over feeling its a bad thing.
And thats not why you're here your in a denial stage in your life.

Let it go.... If you dont want it to happen then stop coming here and stop watching videos.